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StarHub Announces Crowdtivate – a Social Launchpad for Asian Startups

Written by Uzair Ahmed ·  2 min read >

StarHub takes pride in calling itself Singapore’s first fully integrated info-communications firm and a new service that is about to be added in its already-extensive portfolio is Crowdtivate—a platform that aims to convert brilliant business ideas to reality by providing industry exposure, incubation and professional training to Asian entrepreneurs and artists.
Announced earlier this week at GCSW (Global Crowdsourcing Week) 2014, Crowdtivate is Asia’s first telco-backed online social launchpad that promises the budding entrepreneurs more than just financial backing, as opposed to other crowdsourcing sites and services.

But how exactly does Crowdtivate differs from other globally-recognized funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo? Crowdtivate team sums it up as the “additional support that entrepreneurs will receive” on all aspects of their startup, be it mentorship, expertise or the resources. While the selection criteria of business ideas will be highly selective, the pay-off for selected ones will be of immense value.

Crowdtivate welcomes ideas from three categories, namely Arts, Technology, and Inclusive Technology. Arts category includes ideas that involve the concept of literature, books, films, creative arts and other related fields. Technology and Inclusive Technology categories encompass the variety of ideas that involve an aspect of IT and technical knowledge. What they differ at is that, while Technology covers most of the general technical prospects, the Inclusive Technology category offers a special chance for projects that aim to resolve a social issue like engaging the ageing members of society, and rehabilitation of the injured and physically challenged.
Crowdtivate, while still in beta, promises to offer a variety of services to the selected startups which include:

  • Business Incubation. All the stuff necessary to get the startup up and running: office space, equipment and utilities, cloud services and more
  • Campaign mentorship. Professional mentoring sessions from industry experts who will furnish the entrepreneurs with their ideas, experience and knowledge
  • Outreach programs. Startups will be provided assistance with pitching their ideas across the feasible Asian markets using the power of Crowdtivate’s professional network
  • Exclusive benefits. Three outstanding ideas will be chosen every month during the incubation process and they will be eligible to receive even more perks like extra funding, additional support, idea-specific benefits and more

Since Crowdtivate is an online forum, interested candidates can send their business ideas online on Crowdtivate.com. In the first round of filtering, eligibility of the projects will be judged and the successful ideas will get a green-light for crowdsourcing and mentorship after diligence checks by Crowdtivate’s professional team.

During this mentorship period, selected startups will be given professional advice, campaign planning and marketing tips & tricks, equipment and utilities to make the startup’s dream a reality. Moreover, the project creators will be able to discuss their problems and the difficulties they face or anticipate with professionals from a relevant field. Crowdtivate’s partners from different domains of expertise will guide the participants through each step of taking their startup forward. If a startup shows extraordinary promise, the creator(s) will be given a chance at equity investment via Crowdtivate’s partners in the region.

Crowdtivate is most certainly a unique platform that differs from other similar projects in a number of ways. The added benefits of applying to such a platform are locality preferences, lesser concentration of projects, and a higher chance of gaining traction in minimum-possible time. This is a great chance for future entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

Interested applicants may apply for the registration of their ideas here.

Social media channels of Crowdtivate can be found at Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Uzair Ahmed
An engineering student, avid tech-enthusiast, and aspiring developer with particular interest for Android platform. Profile