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16 ideas selected at Startup Weekend Lahore 2015

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Startup Weekend Lahore - 2015

LUMS has continued the tradition of organizing Startup Weekend Lahore in the campus. Starting from a humble beginning over the course of years, this place has become a go-to place for people looking for co-founders, starting a new business and networking with the local influencers. This years’ startup weekend is no different, we were at the venue on first day to listen to the pitches. Overcrowded hall, too much positive energy, and gleaming faces was all we could see.

Startup Weekend aims to reduce issues entrepreneurs face in a 54-hour intensive drill which results in producing successful businesses. It follows a basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch a startup idea, others vote which results in forming a team around the top ideas and in 54-hour they strive together to present a business model, code, design logo and validate market.

Startup Weekend Lahore - 2015

Startup weekend Lahore started off Friday evening. The host started warming the audience with a mock up pitch to make them understand how to create a business idea. Later, Khurram Zafar addressed conveying the participants how to become a successful entrepreneur.

“Always dream big. The cost of following, executing and achieving success or failure sometimes is the same. If you are going to pay the price, might as well chase something big”

After his address, the participants started to pitch their ideas. The most important thing for those pitching their ideas was to communicate their main idea, business name and what they require to bring the idea to life, in 60 seconds. Yes! The Startup Weekend gives you 60 seconds to put forth the aspects of your product or service, this is why it is called the “elevator pitch”. Use of props or slides was not allowed. The idea was to present the core idea with enthusiasm in a minute. Not a lot were able to finish in the given time.

At the Startup Weekend Lahore, 61 pitches were made, and out of which 15 were short-listed by the judges. Let’s have a look at the accepted pitches:

  1. MeraMic was an idea pitched by Arsalan to use mobile as a mic with help of some marketing and networking.
  2. PrintMe team wants to create an online portal where you will be to order prints without any hassle of travel and time consumption from your end.
  3. Sharebook was an idea pitched by Sama to build a portal for renting various goods with help of web developers.
  4. BeautyBox was an idea pitched by Sahar to create an online portal for reviewing salon services as well as providing the availability of services at different prices.
  5. DocumentComplete™ aim to make you (and your fellow 180 Million Pakistanis) DocumentComplete™. It aims to be the go-to portal to find out which essential legal documents you need, where you can get them from, what the process is like and what other people say about the process – so that you are always DocumentComplete™.
  6. was an idea pitched by Taha to bring together mentors with mentees with help of web developers and mentors.
  7. Bloodrun was an idea pitched to connect blood donors with relevant facilities and people using proper marketing.
  8. Interactive Architecture was an idea pitched by Ans to develop an interactive architecture application for ease of use and enhance interaction with help of business developers and graphic designers.
  9. Merit Communication was an idea pitched by Muhammad Ijazi to implement rickshaw branding with help of graphic designer.
  10. Sasta Solar was an idea pitched by Qasim Khalid to minimize energy cost through solar monitor with help of some marketing and business person.
  11. Rush Hour was an idea pitched by Zohaib to create an application which updates users about availability of parking space as well as occupancy rate of shops and restaurants with help of application developers.
  12. Revved Up was an idea pitched by Dawar to use pills that increase your productivity and health with help of investors and supply chain.
  13. Ghar ka khana was an idea pitched by Mazhar Shah to build an android application for easy distribution of home cooked food with help of android developers.
  14. Online Shehri Kisaan was an idea pitched by Axa Khalid to support farmers online through effective sales and marketing.
  15. Rate Kar was an idea pitched by Junaid to build a network where friends can share opinions about you with help of android developers and UX designer.
  16. Shahi Sawari is Offering One Click Solution For Rickshaw Booking Via SMS,Android and ios app + Web Application nd Rickshaw service at your doorstep

After the pitches, everyone networked in an informal light-mood. Those who pitched looked for potential participants to be recruited in their team. Simultaneously the crowd voted for their favorite pitch. The ideas were worked on over the weekend. We are impatient to find out who wins today.

Polishing new talent is the need of in the present day and the fact that more incubators are launching indicates how people are recognizing the need to mentor to give a grounding in to the youth, hence facilitate and better equip them to help the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan in the future.

Update: 16th idea included. 

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