Stock-android Calculator app now available for non-nexus devices and smartwatches

By Rehan Ahmed on
April 3, 2016
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Google has published the stock Android calculator app in the play store, making it available for all non-nexus devices as well as for Android Wear devices.

Keeping in line with the tradition of unbundling stock Android apps and making them available for all other non-Nexus users on the play store, Google has gone ahead and done the same with the Calculator app. It’s basically a simple calculator, designed elegantly according to Google’s Material Design guidelines. It will also allow you to play with basic trigonometric functions, log, etc. but don’t expect it to be a replacement for a scientific calculator.

Now available as version 6.0, the app is also a major version bump over from the previously-available 5.2 but the only new thing it seems to have brought over is the ability to run the app on Android Wear devices; a blessing if you like to have a small handy calculator on your wrist all the time.

Android phones have received a lot of flake in the past for being unable to be updated to the latest version, and as a result, Google is tackling this by unbundling default system apps from Android updates. This means that much of the system’s apps can be updated directly and on the go. The company has already introduced apps like Google Calendar, Camera, Keyboard, Photos, Messenger and many others into the play store for any Android user to download. Even Nexus’s default Google Launcher is available for anyone to install and use.

Download Calculator for Android.

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