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Switzerland Installs 5,000 Solar Panels On Europe’s Highest Dam

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As we know, the solar panel are the best source to gain energy from natural resources. Companies globally are trying to take advantage of this natural resource.

Alpin Solar, a joint venture between three Swiss companies, has accomplished its target of installing 5,000 solar panels on the Lake Muttsee Dam in Switzerland, located at 8,202 feet (2,500m) above sea level.

Up till now, this is the highest dam in Europe, and energy production has already begun. In 2011, the Swiss planned to shift all their large-scale transition from nuclear power to green energy.

Alpin Solar

Sun And Snow Generate More Energy

The Glarus canton of Switzerland contains the Lake Muttsee Dam, amazingly covered with snow-capped mountains. The objective behind the project is to generate 3.3 million kilowatts annually to power nearly 700 homes.

Alpin Solar was part of the project to install 5,000 solar panels against the dam’s wall, which is home to a hydroelectric power plant.

According to the company, the width of the solar panel installation is 0.62 miles (one km) wide. In contrast, the array is designed to generate 2.2 megawatts of electricity.

Moreover, one of the energy forms in the joint venture Axpo used bifacial glass-glass solar modules manufactured by another Swiss company Megasol.

In addition, the solar modules are with 1.5-inch (40mm) frames. They are specifically designed to handle the snow expected in the Swiss Alps.

It may seem counter-intuitive to install solar panels in the mountains covered in snow as it’s challenging to establish a massive amount of solar panels on one of the highest dams.
Axpo, one of the companies, believes they will perform better there, particularly during the winter.
This is because higher altitudes in Switzerland experience brighter sunlight than lower altitudes. As at lower altitudes, the god predominates during the winters.

Moreover, the company has worked efficiently and looked after every tits and bit of issues they may face. Additionally, white snow is a bonus because it reflects sunlight onto solar panels. As it produces more power when operating at lower temperatures.

Hence, Axpo hopes to produce three times more energy from the sun during the winter than the rest of the year. Specifically during February and March.

Moreover, over the coming years, Europe plans to install 4,200 solar projects in Europe’s low-lying and mountain regions. According to the reports, last year, the Swiss government reconsidered its Energy Act to enable faster approvals for new solar plants in the country.

Another company Denner, a discount chain that worked for Alpin Solar, has signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with the project. Amazingly, this is the first PPA that is in the region.

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