Sony Might Release a $399 PS5 Slim Later This Year

Leaked reports suggest that the PS5 Slim will contain the same hardware as the PS5, but will have a...

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Jul 5 · >

Sony’s Next Release Could be a Handheld Gaming Console

It’s reported that the unreleased gaming console is shaped similar to PS5 controller and contains an 8-inch touchscreen LCD...

Apr 6 · >

PlayStation’s shares drop down by 13 percent after Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard

Microsoft had recently purchased the ever-popular gaming company, Activision Blizzard, for $69 billion which is said to be the...

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Jan 19 · >

Sony patents a PlayStation controllers for smartphones

With mobile gaming becoming the next big thing in the gaming ecosystem, Sony is looking to sink its teeth...

Dec 1 · >

Sony launches a lighter version of the PS5 Digital Edition

In recent news, Sony has discreetly introduced a new model for the PS5 Digital Edition which seems to be...

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Aug 25 · >

How To Play PlayStation 4 And 5 Games On Your Computer And Smartphone

Just by reading the title, you might be assuming this is some new hack found out by someone on...

Jun 11 · >

Next God Of War Game Might Come Around In 2022, Will Be On Both PS4 And PS5

With the PS4 version of God Of War leaving its mark as an outstanding adventure title exclusive to the...

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Jun 3 · >

PlayStation Games Set To Come To Smartphones Soon

Many people do not have the luxury of owning the latest gaming consoles and instead stick to gaming on...

Jun 1 · >

Among Us Is Coming To PS4 And PS5

The most popular social deception game called ‘Among Us’ is finally coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5...

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May 3 · >

AMD Upgrades Xbox Consoles With FidelityFX Technology, Countering PlayStation?

In recent news, the Xbox Series X just got a massive graphics upgrade through AMD’s ‘FidelityFX’ technology which will...

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Apr 23 · >

Sony Admits It Was Wrong And Will Keep PlayStation 3 And Vita Stores Open

If you still own a PlayStation 3 or PSVita and were about to throw it away, you might still...

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Apr 20 · >

Sony Is Planning To Bring Its PlayStation Games To Smartphones, Uncharted, The Last of Us And More

In recent news, Sony the tech giant behind the legendary gaming console PlayStation is aiming to bring its ‘most...

Apr 13 · >