Telegram’s Makeover is Loaded with New Design and New Features

Written by Zahra Farid ·  1 min read >

The newest update introduces features such as Group Video Calls, Noise Suppression in Voice Chats, Screen Sharing, Animated backgrounds, and numerous more features to eyeball.

Group video calling and Screen Sharing

The long wait is finally over; users can perform group video calls by tapping the ‘Share my video’ option in any live session. The Group Video Chat feature is currently open for the first 30 people who enter the voice chat (while the number of audio-only participants is endless). 

Telegram has declared that it will extend this limit soon as voice chats get on streaming games, active events, and more.

The screen-sharing highlight can be accessed by just hitting on the menu button, and tapping the screen sharing choice followed by app permission.

Noise Suppression

In order to increase the quality of the voice, Telegram has launched a noise suppression or a noise cancellation option as well. This feature can be allowed during a live voice chat.

Tablet and Desktop Support

Tablets and computers have added screen space and allow more display alternatives. Users just need to tap to reveal the side panel and view a split-screen video grid and a list of members, optimized for both portrait and landscape adjustment. 

Animated Backgrounds 

Telegram has also included Animated Backgrounds. They claim these multi-color angle wallpapers are created algorithmically and run with beautiful-looking aesthetics every moment users post a message.

Telegram is extending this feature along with several default themes pre-installed.

Enhanced User Security Measures 

Login Info Reminders displays an essential option to save user’s phone number and keep it up to date on Telegram. This guarantees a user can forever log in to his or her account. In case the number has to be replaced, users can instantly update it right from the latest reminder in Settings on iOS.

Telegram has stated that Android users will receive these reminders in the following update. Users on all platforms will get a notification from Telegram every time their Two-Step Verification settings are modified.

Messaging interface with New Animated Emojis

Users can now give stickers and emojis from keyboards into the chat – with lightweight emojis that won’t harm the battery life.

On iOS, this also refers to media you transfer from the attachment panel, and also text messages. Your text smoothly changes into the message bubble as it floats into the chat.