The government wants to use renewables to provide ‘Sustainable Energy for All’

Avatar Written by Taha Abdullah · 1 min read>

While speaking at ‘Sustainable Energy for All’, an event organized by the Planning Commission and United Nations Development program, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan stated that the government is pursuing renewable energy options to provide cheap electricity to its citizens. While speaking at the ceremony, he said, “By 2030, Pakistan has a great opportunity to transform its energy systems by improving energy efficiency and incorporating more renewable energy into its mix.”

The Deputy Chairman highlighted the role solar power could play in fulfilling the country’s need for cheap and reliable energy. He said that solar could fulfil these requirements and s abundantly available enough to not only provide energy for homes, but it could also power factories in the industrial sector. According to him, the government is dedicated to providing its citizens with affordable energy and as such has put short, medium, and long term strategies into place as part of the National Action Plan on Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All). “We need to work on this issue for sustainable growth in energy sector,” he said. This falls into the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN to be achieved by 2030.

The energy sector is one of the most vital parts of a developing country. Without the availability of affordable and reliable sources of power, it is very difficult for a country to be productive and for its economy to grow. Specifically, energy needs to be available to ensure ample opportunities for everyone. Furthermore, fossil fuels needed for the generation of electricity are not entirely feasible for a non oil-producing country like Pakistan, and they do a lot of damage to the environment. In such a situation, renewable power options like wind, hydro, and solar seem like the way to go. Especially when these sources are so abundant and unending.