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The officials set target of $5 billion export remittance via IT and IT-Enabled Services

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The government of Pakistan has set a target of $ 5 billion for the export remittance via the Information and Technology sector for the next three years. The information revealed during the meeting held between Ishrat Hussain, the advisor to Prime Minister for Institutional Reforms.

Syed Amin Ul Haq, the Federal Minister for IT also attended the meeting among the other renowned officials. Senior IT officials informed members regarding progress in areas like broadband, IT exports, payment gateways, and e-governance. The advisors were also informed regarding the provision of broadband services in the country through the IT Universal Service Fund.

Ishrat Hussain further stated plans for laying fibre optics in the remote areas along with the provision of fast internet connection. According to the published report, the Information Telecommunication and IT-enabled services export remittance including the computer services and call centre services surged by 23.71% ($1.230 billion) in the fiscal year 2019-20 compared with $994.848 million during the same period last year 2018-2019.

After achieving a record-breaking remittance via IT exports, the officials have set the next target to be $5 billion during the next three years. IT Federal Minister also said that payment gateway ad e-office projects would soon complete.

COVID-19 offered important and basic IT structure for National Command Operation Center on the situation said by the IT minister. He also added the central role of the human resource system is to collect user data from the hospital.