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TikTok to establish its global headquarter anywhere but China mainly because of US scrutiny.

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  1 min read >

Bytendance the parent developer of a famous short video app is looking forward to establishing there global headquarter anywhere but china. The reason behind it is that TikTok is constantly being scrutinized because of it is “made in China” tag.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the developers have shortlisted some of the major cities like Dublin Ireland, London Great Britain, and Singapore. Bytendance has created its global headquarter in Singapore for another productivity app known as Lark. Singapore is a go-to headquarter choice for every global company when it is time for them to create an Asia-Pacific base. For example, Facebook and Google both have established headquarter in Singapore. London and Dublin is also a good choice and creating the headquarter there can help in boosting the growth of TikTok in promising markets. Dublin is looking at the most promising city so far because of its negligent taxation policies.

For now, the famous app has no headquarter and the officials sit in offices situated in Shanghai and Los Angeles. The app has been in the attention of the US government lately for various reasons. Back in 2017, Bytendance bought a US-based lip-syncing video app known as or the US $1 Billion and then merged both the apps. The US government started a probe on the US for this matter.

Two weeks ago US navy banned the TikTok app from all the government-issued phones because of the app possessing a threatening nature for cybersecurity. Before that, the Government warned the Army cadets to stop using the app while serving military duties as this app’s data handling looks a bit shady.

A third-party research firm Sensor Tower has published a report in November stating that this social media app has surpassed over 1.5 billion downloads worldwide from its launching date. According to a stat on the same report, TikTok is ranked 3rd on the list of the most downloaded non-gaming app of the year. It has been installed over 614 million times worldwide