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Top 10 Data Science Jobs In 2023 For Newbies

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

With the emergence of technology, new fields and artificial intelligence tools have become very popular across the world.

Similarly, data science is no longer a fancy term these days. Almost every sector relies on data science in one form or the other. Today, the field has become very popular that every other person is trying to make a career in data science.

Data science is one of the most promising career opportunities that one can explore.

Data Science

Here we are bringing the top 10 data science career opportunities for 2023.

Applications Architect

An application architect is responsible to track applications,supervising and keeping an eye on the way users interact.

Whereas, an individual must have a computer degree with additional certificates and courses . This is one of the highest paid jobs.

Machine Learning Scientist

A Machine Learning Scientists is responsible to explore new methodologies, such as calculations and administration. However, at some workplaces a machine learning scientist is also known as a research engineer or research scientist.

In addition, this data science Job requires the individual to do extensive research.

Data Analyst

A data Analysts is a person who is expected to analyze humungous data and concludes meaningful results from the same content. Through which the company can take better decisions. To become a successful Data analyst an individual must have sufficient knowledge of A/B testing and tracking web analytics.

Data Architect

A data architect is another highest paid job of data science . Whereas, rules and responsibilities include creating new data set framework ,using performance,and planning examination to create the interconnected information biological system include the organization. In addition, the main task is to ensure that the data is effective, authentic and available for the user.

Infrastructure Architect

The repsonsibilities of an infrastructure architect is to oversee the existing business systems to make sure that they support the new technological requirements. An individual must have a computer engineering degree to be a stepping stone if really wants to become a good infrastructure architect.

However, the profession is very high demanding and the organizations pay highest salaries and handsome packages.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist is one of the highly-paid profession these days. However, many people finds it diificult to differentiate between a data scientist and a data analyst. A data scientist has to be more technical because he has to perform data preparation tasks.

In addition, the main objective is to identify valuable patterns and trends in data. Moreover, this is also one of the most promising career opportunities and a well-paid job.


Data science is becoming very popular, and the jobs data science offers high salaries. It is another very interesting data science field that where an individual is expected to gather,examine and decipher the information in the best effective way.

Hence, it is one of the most lucrative data s in e jobs and the fastest-growing one. A proficient and excellent knowledge of computer science, math, economics is mandatory.

Enterprise Architect

An individual is responsible to adjust the organization’s procedure to innovative solutions. Moreover, an individual must be able to to accomplish organization’s objectives by recognizing the needs and requirements. In addition, individual has to make an action plan accordingly.

Business Intelligence Analyst

The individual needs to be very proficient and talented in his work. It requires a professional to have a blend of both skills-specialized aptitude with the expertise of business and the board ideas of management

As a business intelligence analyst ,an individual must have a vast knowledge with the major BI tools and applications.

Moroever, a candidate with an MBA degree and an analytics background is excellent for this position.

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning individual is responsible to create data funnels and convey programming solutions.

The repsonsibilities are quite high and bigger. Repsonsibilities are not only constraint to executing tests and trials but also to screening the frameworks usefulness and executions.

Alas, many online courses are available that one can grab and rely on to get excellent opportunities.

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