Twisted Light could be the next innovation in Wireless broadband

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Twisted Light Fiber Wireless

Scientists have taken a step to innovate wireless broadband technologies using twisted light as a form of wireless, high-capacity data transmission. The physicists researched optical angular momentum (OAM) and its use to resolve current difficulties with twisted light across open spaces.

Scientists are researching to twist photons (rays of light) by passing them through a type of hologram, giving the photons an optical angular momentum. This innovation will bring ultra-fast internet access to many people across the world.

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Although fiber optics have revolutionized the speed of data transmission, yet it needs wires to transmit data. With this technology, there will be no use of wires. Conventional digital communications use photons as 1’s and 0’s to carry information, while these twisted photons allow them to carry additional data, even letters could be added alongside ones and zeroes.

Twisted light has the potential to create much higher-bandwidth communications technology, but transmitting twisted light across open spaces is challenging for scientists. The researchers examined the effects of the phase and intensity of OAM carrying light over a link in a densely populated city of Germany. They provided a free space link in Germany which was 1.6km long.

A few months back, we reported that Apple has started testing 5G millimeter wave wireless technology. The new technology could help Apple to increase the speed of its phone’s cellular connection. For now, it appears that we have to stick to fiber optical technology, as certain challenges are yet to be overcome before the Twisted light tech can be made commercially available.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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