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UFC and Meta Announces Partnership to Broadcast MMA events in VR

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta announces partnership with UFC, The Ultimate Fighting Championship Company. The UFC and Meta, Facebook’s parent company, have mutually decided to allow virtual reality broadcasts of UFC and MMA events in the Metaverse. 

Recently Mark and his wife experienced a private screening of UFC Vegas 61. Meta took this decision after attending the event. Currently, UFC is available as a pay-per-view event on various streaming platforms. The Press Release confirmed that UFC would offer live and on-demand MMA events. This will take place in virtual reality through Meta’ Horizon World’s App. This VR technology will help every fan to access the services on their Oculus devices.

Crowley Sullivan, Fight Pass’s vice president and general manager, stated that we are delivering a live MMA event in virtual reality. We hope to provide exceptional engagement for Fight Pass members and MMA fans worldwide.

However, LFA 144: Gafurov vs. Silva UFC event will be the first event where boxing fans will have this excellent opportunity. MMA fans will have the best time because the app provides a 360-degree perspective. They will also allow to “see and speak with other fans in real time” while watching the activities from home. To watch LFA 144 in VR 180, a user will need a compatible Meta Quest headset and Meta’s Horizon World App.

MMA events, UFC and Meta

Undoubtedly, Zuckerberg has invested money into his ‘Metaverse’ concept. A virtual reality space that he believes will be the next great plain of the digital age. But many of its opponents have pointed out that it’s a poor initial start for the developing platform, with its user base falling far short of projections for a $1.2 billion business.

But no matter what, with Meta’s VR platform and YBVR’s expertise in production, the team is sure this will be an excellent experience for fight fans. This is probably a proof-of-concept test for the technology before it is used in UFC fight cards.

Moreover, the Meta Horizon World’s App will be accessible for download from October 23rd at the Meta Quest App Store. Furthermore, the UFC will announce the list of upcoming VR fighting events within a couple of days.

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