Ufone 4G services are being praised on international forums

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Global analytics company, OpenSignal has praised the Pakistani 4G network provider company Ufone as the best network service in the country. Their report, ‘Pakistan Mobile Network Experience Report August 2022’, suggested that Ufone offers the best overall user experience services in Pakistan and is the most consistent network provider. Ufone outdid all its competitors in the “overall experience” for the user’s division with huge margins which is very rare in these kinds of competition as most of the network providers of a region usually have similar standards.

The report of this analytics was divided into multiple subsets comprising different parameters for the best experience for the users. Ufone stayed number one for the 4G video network for the users, and also was joined the winner of the competition of the overall video quality for the networks.

The standard at which the OpenSignal measure the quality of the network is how often the network be successful to provide sufficient speed for the required task. Different tools such as , latency, jitter, packet loss, time to the first byte, and the percentage of tests attempted that did not succeed due to a connectivity issue on either the download or server response component. Ufone topped in most of the criteria and came forward as an all-round best performing network.

Another category in which the average download and upload speed is measured with reference to different devices, Ufone also came forward as the topper of the list.

The list of categories amongst which Ufone came top of the chart is comprehensive, Excellent Consistent Quality’, ‘Core Consistent Quality’ along with the best 4G voice app, Ufone came first in all of these subsets.

Last year Ufone was able to get 1800Mhz spectrum internet per month and then started to rumble through the stages of success. Ufone 4G is on its way to getting registered as ‘Pakistan’s No 01 Voice and Data Network’ on Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA)’s Mobile Networks Benchmark Report this year.

Ufone aims to keep improving its services and provide the best possible network for its users. Ufone is expected to be the first network in the country to launch the 5G service for local users.