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9 Reasons to attend the 3rd Annual Learn Smart Pakistan Education Forum

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Learn Smart Pakistan

Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP) is a unique non-profit initiative that has positively impacted Pakistan’s education sector. LSP started three years ago and gained popularity as Pakistan’s first and only digital learning platform that is completely free of cost. The program has made innovative use of mobile technology and rapidly growing internet popularity in Pakistan for providing quality resources to diverse Pakistani students and teachers in all parts of the country. It offers students a virtual learning environment with a plethora of videos, assessments, games and practice questions specially mapped to Pakistan’s Board curricula.

Their 3rd Annual Education Forum is on May 17, 2017. The theme this year is the Future of Learning. In collaboration with our network partners, we will be hosting leaders in the education industry from all sectors of society to discuss what the future of learning in Pakistan looks like.

Here we are giving you 9 reasons why you should be attending it.

1. Interact and Engage with Leading Players in the Education Sector: You can meet everyone working in the education sector at the event including policy makers, government officials, donors, educationists, scholars, organizations working in the learning solutions sector, students, teachers, principals, and parents. It’ll be a hot box of ideas bouncing off so many people!

2. Learn How To Use Performance Data as a Key to Decision Making: The Learn Smart Pakistan 2016 Report will be launched at the event. It compiles data from a year-long series of Math and English Challenges to come up with comprehensive insights that can be relevant for decision making. Amongst other things, the report benchmarks schools, students and identifies struggling areas for 9th and 10th Class Students. For example, it indicates that in 2016’s Learn Smart Pakistan Challenge The Educators performed better than Beaconhouse School System, Developments in Literacy performed better than The Citizens Foundation and Fazaia Schools performed better than Bahria Schools. In public school networks, an interesting finding is that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa public school students performed better than Sindh public schools (Islamabad public school students were top performers). The most struggling topics in Math were Factorization (grade 9) and Quadratic Equations (grade 10), whereas Grammar was found to be toughest for students in English topics.

3. Find Out How Much You Know About the Future of Education in Pakistan: A digital learning challenge will be conducted for the audience to gauge what they know about the Future of Education in Pakistan. Mosharraf Zaidi, Campaign Director of Ali Ailaan will be hosting the challenge using Knowledge Platform’s blended learning solution.

4. Gain Insights into the K-12 Curriculum in Pakistan: What are the challenges besetting our curriculum? What are the positive aspects of it? Are students acquiring a quality education? These are just some of the questions that will be asked and answered at the Forum

5. Find Out What Role Technology Can Play in Schools: What does the future of education in schools look like. Learning solutions organizations, scholars and leading thinkers have their say. You can also meet students and teachers and see what they think.

6. Changemakers and Beneficiaries Collide: While organizations and governments are so focused on bringing improvement to the education sector, the direct beneficiaries of these efforts are often not heard from. The Forum will bring together the changemakers and the beneficiaries on a single platform.

7. Celebrate Stories of Impact: Celebrate the winning students and teachers of Learn Smart Pakistan, a year-long digital learning challenge. Hear from them to see how digital learning challenged them and motivated them to engage with curriculum aligned content in new and innovative ways.

8. Network! Looking for a chance to get insight into the education sector? Wanting to meet a scholar or a policy maker you’ve been following for a while? Now’s your chance!

9. Free food! You know it’ll be there if nothing else come for the free food! Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at Margala Hotel Islamabad. Attendance is free but invites only, to ensure that the audience stays relevant to the event. Interested persons can register here for invitations:

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