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5 Best SMS Apps on Android

Asra Rizwan Written by Asra Rizwan · 1 min read>

This is for the Android lovers whose screen time involves a lot of texting but they could not develop a soft corner for Google Hangouts and were disappointed by the built-in app. Various SMS apps have now emerged successfully for their design, simplicity, and swift operation.


Textra SMS

Textra SMS is the first ever app to combine the Material Design of Android Lollipop to make the SMS experience more beautiful and is currently ranked as the top SMS app. The app not only have an aesthetically pleasing UI design but also it comes with a lot of features that can beat your regular SMS app such as quick reply popups, floating notifications.


Thumbs Up: Compatible with Android Wear.
Thumbs Down: Complex default settings.


Hello SMS

Hello SMS claims to be the world’s first ever SMS app that works with tabs. The UI design is a minimalist’s dream. The tabs constitute of the profile photos of your friends which can easily be swiped out for conversation. It has all the functionality of a regular SMS app, including MMS options that seamlessly integrate with your phone.

Thumbs Up: No more inbox clutter!
Thumbs Down: Tiny camera view.


Handcent SMS

Handcent claims to have the most powerful customizations for an SMS app. With the recent update, Handcent is now more modern and offers an array of new customization options such as scheduling your outgoing messages and managing your incoming texts. The app has an interactive Flat UI Design offering a range of themes and skins. It can also be synced with Facebook and your contacts can have their profile photos. Moreover, with Handcent Anywhere the app can be accessed through PCs and tablets.

Thumbs Up: Private box for securing messages.
Thumbs Down: Insufficient search feature.


Text Secure

If you want to secure your conversations from interception at data centers then Text Secure is the app for you. It combines all the feature of a smart SMS app with end to end encryption functionality. The app is solely designed for encryption therefore your messages and all your attachments are secured in transit as well. Even screenshots are blocked by this app!


Thumbs Up: Robust encryption of whole library.
Thumbs Down: Glitches in media messaging.


Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is that one app that has matured with Android and has stayed with it since the very long. It is by far the most popular Android app compared against the usual stock app. It offers an array of features that includes a variety of customization options and privacy functionality. It is also compatible with Push Bullet and Android Wear.

Thumbs Up: Quick and efficient user experience.
Thumbs Down: Small workplace.

Let us know your favorite SMS apps for Android!

Written by Asra Rizwan
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