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i2i Ventures launches in Pakistan with its first six-figure USD investment in Mauqa Online

i2i Ventures, an early-stage investment fund with a focus on Pakistan-based technology enabled companies, is announcing the launch of...

Aug 6 · >

Pakistani smart bus service Airlift is serving tens of thousands of weekly rides, CEO Usman Gul

On his vacation to Lahore, Usman Gul scheduled a business conversation with a woman. She arrived half an hour...

Aug 5 · >

Survey tells how Pakistani expats want to help local startups

2018 has been a monumental year for the Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem. While the country has yet to produce a...

Jul 1 · >

Pakistani social media automation product ContentStudio tops Product Hunt

Pakistani social media automation product, ContentStudio, was the top Product of the Day on Product Hunt and continued to...

Jun 14 · >

Traversing Farah Ali’s journey to become the Vice President of Engineering for Player & Developer Experience at Electronic Arts

Back when owning a PC was a rarity in the average household in Pakistan, that too with the internet,...

Jun 10 · >

This female-led capital fund, Inaara Impact Ventures, has invested in four Pakistani social startups

CEO Inaara Impact Ventures, Sadia Malik laid the foundation of Pakistan’s first indigenous impact investment fund to fuel the...

May 28 · >

Meet the winners of Pakistan’s first Blockchain & AI Hackathon by CryptoChicks Pakistan

Pakistan’s first ever Blockchain and AI hackathon successfully concluded by CryptoChicks Pakistan in Karachi on 14th April 2019. The...

Apr 22 · >

Ecommerce integration company, Technifai has raised an 8-digit PKR investment round and hit 500,000 SKU mark

Technifai, the e-commerce enabler connecting merchants with online marketplaces has raised an eight-digit PKR investment round led by local...

Apr 10 · >

Social media has become a double-edged sword for female journalists, report by Digital Rights Foundation explains

Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) has launched a new report titled, Female Journalists in new media: Experiences, challenges and a...

Mar 29 · >

Almost 300 Careem employees will become millionaires as a result of Uber acquisition

Almost 300 employees of Careem will become millionaires, after Uber acquired the Middle Eastern ride-sharing company. 200 of these...

Mar 27 · >

How Mudassir Sheikha, a Pakistani entrepreneur built the first unicorn in the Middle East

Careem has announced its $3.1 billion acquisition by Uber, the largest technology sector acquisition in the Middle East. Rumours...

Mar 26 · >

Pakistani PhD alleges that his research was plagiarized to file a patent and build products

Muhammad Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, a PhD from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and former Faculty Member at Information Technology Univerity (ITU),...

Mar 13 · >