5 problems people face when shopping online

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Pakistan’s e-commerce market is predicted to hit $1 Billion in revenue by 2020, according to PTA. But there are still hurdles in the way before we can achieve that figure. Let’s take a look at general problems which the general public face about online shopping:

1. Product Quality

A big advantage of shopping locally is that one gets to see the product upfront. For example, if you are shopping for clothes, you can check the material whether it is nylon or wash n wear fabric etc. People avoid shopping online because they don’t get to see the actual product and don’t know how it looks. The product can only be thoroughly inspected once it is received but by that time it is already too late because you have to pay for it no matter what. And if the product isn’t up to your expectations, then you have the confusing return process to go through.

2. Paying Online

This is one of the biggest problems faced by Pakistani consumers. A lot of people are hesitant about giving up their bank account numbers online. I personally know a few friends whose parents won’t allow them to buy games on Steam because of fear of security problems.

3. Warranty

If you buy a product locally and it is defective, chances are you are gonna end up at the shopkeeper’s store and hold him accountable for it. Otherwise, you have to end up at the service centers. Most of the products online don’t have clear warranty policies and that is because half of the time, these products are imported from AliExpress or other Chinese retailers etc. It’s difficult to claim your products if there is any defect in them.

4. Delivery Issues

You paid for your product and were expecting it to be delivered any day but some other lucky guy gets it. While this happens rarely but it can occur if you have paid for the product online. Always be mindful of your address and keep track of the delivery status.

5. Confusing Return or Repair Policies

If you have a defect in a locally purchased product, you can simply go to the store and claim it. However, there is a long process if you bought it online. You first have to email and get the address of the retailer. Then pay the shipping costs to return the product to the retailer. And then it takes several days for the new product to be shipped back to you.

Next up, we’ll tell you about 5 best practices for shopping online.

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