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9 Projects Computer Science Students of Karachi University are working on

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University of Karachi

At TechJuice, we have been reporting about startups, incubators, accelerators and everything tech, so we decided why not get one step closer to academia and see what kind of projects computer sciences and business students are doing. This is our first of the many yet to come posts on academia.

Many of the great products and startups that exist in the world were initially started at universities and high schools. Let’s take a dive and see what has been cooking in our universities. These are some of the projects that computer sciences students of Karachi University are doing.

1. Motion detector

A motion detection app which will detect the motion of any object. Motion detection is something which is not entirely new to the world. Motion Detection algorithm has long been used in surveillance and security equipment.
The students want to develop an Android application for this purpose, which will stay in sync with the cameras and inform of any unexpected motion.

2. Object detection

Machine Learning is an evolutionary process in which a machine is able to learn by using data and experiences from input or external sources. Learning is a never ending process so the software gets more efficient and accurate after every time it is used. This software can serve in several areas, for instance, the relative price detection after detecting the object.

3. Chat app

An app just like Whatsapp but with more focus on group conversations, group calls and group file sharing. The students are trying to develop the application simultaneously for Android and iOS. The group members of this project believe that Pakistan needs its own group messaging application and their application will target local market.

4. Steganography

A group of students is working on a project Steganography. Steganography is the art of hiding information in images that are secure and only readable by the sender and intended recipients. It is a Greek word which means concealed writing. It’s a technique applicable in highly secured areas of work, where data needs to be encapsulated.

You might have heard about SnapChat before, which sends self-destructing video and images – just to keep everything secure. Steganography is another try to take security to next level.

5. Control Home Appliances via WiFi

This is nothing new, you might have come across many Kickstarter projects in which an application is used to control home appliances and other electronic items — this project is something like that. Users will be able to control devices, turn them on or off via Wifi connected mobile phone.

6. Trauma orthopedics clinic system (TOCS)

This is a hospital/clinic management system. TOCS is a web-based project designed to manage the clinic activities, such as patient registration, patient history etc. in-patient and out-patient both are monitored through this system! A system any hospital and medical organization would definitely love to have for efficiency.

7. Social network analysis

Everybody is not good at numbers, that’s why this team wants to develop graphs for better understanding of analytics behind social networking websites.

Are we seeing a competitor of Mixpanel or Google analytics in making? Only time will tell.

8. 3D game

Game development is not something everyone can do. A group of artistic students are working on a 3D game ‘Phantom Interactives’. It is going to be a strategy game with 3D characters and some wonderful animations.

9. Sandwich3

Sandwich3 is not a project but a startup by university students who offer services of game development, website designing, logo designing, website and desktop applications to their local and international clients. The students are going to pursue one of their projects as university’s project as well.