9th Class Karachi Kid Made An App That Helps Speech Restrained People To Communicate

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kya baat

A talented Grade 9th student from Karachi, Ahmad Jamal Khan, has developed an app for speech impairment people to communicate with others through the apps just by tapping on some buttons. He has refused to keep any benefit from it as it is a free and ad-less app. The name of the app is “Kya Baat App” and it is available on Android Play Store and can be downloaded using apk on iPhones.

Ahmad introduces the app as:

“Kya Baat is specially designed for people who are unable to communicate verbally because of certain conditions like stroke or tracheostomy. With the tap on a button, the users of this app will be able to communicate with others, especially their caregivers.”

The app uses the recorded voices of a man and a woman that can communicate different real-life scenarios to other people and help them explain their current situation to others. For instance, if they are having pain or are hungry they can tap on the buttons and the mobile speaker will say the thing. All app is in Urdu and it is effortless to use, no login or other information is required, and the app is ready to use just as you download it.

kya baat

A Rehabilitation Medicine Physician, Farooq Rathore commended the app as:

“I am very pleased that someone has taken this initiative to help people with speech disorders who were unable to use the fancy apps in English ( a foreign language). This app is suited to millions of people who were unable to speak because of different reasons and now can have a tool that would help them express themselves. This is an excellent initiative which deserves five stars for the interface, options, and speech quality.”

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