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Pakistan launches its first AR Based Furniture App

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The process of selecting furniture for your home will now be much simpler. An app developed by Arer Corporation, a technology firm focusing on augmented reality and Metaverse connected devices, has recently been launched, enabling users to envision the furniture they are interested in purchasing.

It is important to point out that the app is not designed for end users but rather for retailers that specialize in the sale of furniture. Arer works with them to develop a specialized app for measuring square footage, and customers can subscribe to Arer’s services monthly.

Through augmented reality, buyers can visualize how a new sofa would appear in their apartment in real-time, eliminating the possibility that they would end up paying for something that won’t work in their space. It is important to be able to “test before you buy”, according to Arer’s website, especially when it comes to high-priced items.

According to statistics on Arer’s website, 77% of consumers who shop want to be able to utilize augmented reality to observe changes between products, such as variations in color or style. Users can virtually try out several furniture configurations, including adjusting its dimensions, color, and location. By providing clients with various options to try out and making it possible for them to purchase their preferred item with just the click of a button, furniture manufacturers may help reduce the stress customers feel while shopping for furniture. (38)

The app works on a method called “Virtual Try On”, and as the name suggests, it enables you to picture the piece of furniture you are interested in purchasing by using your mobile device. Before you go out and buy a bed or table, you may use this to understand better how it will look in your room with the present furnishings.

Additionally, Arer is hoping to join the beauty and fashion industry as well, which will be able to operate and revolutionize just as well as the furniture app. Arer believes Pakistan has potential in the AR industry and wants retailers to join hands with them to make AR furniture shopping a reality.

Given the fact that Arer’s “What’s Next?” page does not disclose any information, there is limited information accessible on the company’s future activities; nevertheless, the page does state that “interesting things are on the way.” making users anticipate what Arer may have next in store for the future of furniture buying in Pakistan.