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A Comparison of 7 Pakistani eCommerce Sites

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Online Shopping in Pakistan

Interesting trends were recently revealed in an internet study carried out by P@SHA. E-commerce activities altogether are not amongst the 5 most common online activities in Pakistan. Users engaged in “buying a product online” account for 6% of all e-commerce activities. 45% of the users felt that shopping is very convenient via internet. Furthermore 33% believed that online store prices are lower as compared to physical stores. Cash on delivery (71%) was chosen by online buyers as a payment method while 22% chose Credit Cards.

Furthermore, statistics by a mobile survey company, Ansr.io says that internet users in Pakistan have reached 30 million and 15 million access the internet using their mobile phones.

Review of Pakistani eCommerce Sites

As you will read further, you will get a comparison of 7 online Pakistani eCommerce sites in terms of their website experience and retail store as a whole. A search was made for online Pakistani shopping websites operating in Pakistan. The existence of many websites came out of search engines, advertisements and reviews from the past. A list of 7 websites was made after short-listing those which sell products of at least 2 brands (e.g. Oxford & Levis) and have at least 3 product categories (e.g. tech gadgets, clothing & footwear) and those with better website experience. The experience ranking was done thoroughly and is shown below:


Further details were collected from the above websites for comparison purposes and details can be seen in the following table:


Since these are online retailers, ranking was mainly done on the website experience offered but other scores mentioned above were not ignored. The ranking (countdown to No.1) is given below:

7. Techcity.pk

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