Tanzila Khan

Pakistani entrepreneurs win big at International Forums

TechJuice • March 15, 2019

Facebook took to Twitter to announce it was down, and people couldn’t ignore the irony

TechJuice • March 14, 2019

An application to monitor, trace and recover stolen smartphones developed by government

TechJuice • March 14, 2019
gpay pakistan

Will Google launch Google Pay Services in Pakistan?

TechJuice • March 14, 2019

A British-Pakistani team launches an app that helps in sharing moments with privacy

TechJuice • March 12, 2019
Imran Khan

Dear Prime Minister, where are the women?

TechJuice • February 22, 2019

Here is the expected prices of Samsung Galaxy S10s in Pakistan

TechJuice • February 21, 2019

PTCL pledges support to startups incubated at NIC Karachi

TechJuice • February 19, 2019
WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is coming to iOS

TechJuice • February 15, 2019

PTCL Group’s revenue for the year 2018 is Rs. 126.2 billion, Report

TechJuice • February 12, 2019

Gmail uses AI to block 100 million spam emails

TechJuice • February 8, 2019
Ab Aur Nahin

Ab Aur Nahin, web portal for legal and psychological counseling of women launched

TechJuice • February 7, 2019

JS Bank Digital Policing Initiative shortlisted for Global Mobile Awards 2019

TechJuice • January 29, 2019

Bill Gates’ letter to Imran Khan talks about interest in IT investment

TechJuice • January 8, 2019