A New Turn: Committee Wali Baji Fraud, Court Summons Scam Victim

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Karachi: Around seven victims of the infamous ‘committee wali baji’ scam were called on 4th January at Karachi’s Session Court to explain their viewpoints.

According to the confirmed reports, Additional District and Sessions judge Eat Karachi, Faiza Khalil has issued notices to Aneela Farooq,Moazzama,Romana Memon, Ghunwa Memon, Tabinda Hamza, Samina Shah and Sehrish Khan.

However, the action has been taken after Sidra , the primary suspect in the Ponzi Scheme, has given notices after pleading for protection from these women at the court house.

On Wednesday, Sidra Humaid did not appear in the court for the case hearing. As a result, court issued notices to the victims in which Sidra has nominated as harassers in her plea.

Committee Wali Baji

Sidra Humaid is a residence of Karachi and a big social media influencer and business woman. Recently, she has taken Rs 420 million taken from hundreds of people. This includes women, under the monthly ballot committee system.

Posts from Sidra’s victim who are considering taking serious actions against her was circulating earlier on social media.

According to the details of the petition put forth by Sidra Humaid,she was unable to pay the committee forward during the Covid-19 because of the majority of members were unable to pay their dues.

According to Sidra Humaid, she was compelled to submit a petition after receiving death threats and having her home attacked on December 3 by armed man.

Moreover, she also stated that she is ready to compensate every member of the committee.

Previously, Sidra Humaid had posted  on her social media account that while she owed a lot of money to a lot of people. She did not have sufficient money to refund everyone or pay what is owed to them.

‘I have really emsages up my committees and now I am practically bankrupt and have no means to pay off my committees. People got shocked after getting the post.

Moreover, Sidra is an owner of Daily-bites, a famous home-based food bussiness, a Croise, a handicraft setup. Sidra left hundreds of committee members in deep shock when she made it at social media. She stated that, she has no means to pay off her committee.


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