A University Student Arrested for Publishing Girls Photos on Facebook

By Nada Zain on
May 21, 2014
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We have seen several cases of online bullying and social media harassment, threats and blackmailing in Pakistan. Pages like “XYZ College Confessions”, let people anonymously post all sorts of opinions and even comments directly hitting a particular student/colleague. Boys have been seen threatening girls who refuse their offer of friendship, blackmailing them using social media networks, especially Facebook. The hurtful material can vary from uploading pictures (even objectionable edited ones) without the subject’s permission to abusive private messages to spreading false but highly damaging rumors.

Recently the police arrested a university student belonging to UMT on the charges of publishing pictures of fellow female students online without their permission. In an official status update from UMT it was mentioned that the student in question had been expelled by the rector and that those who were aiding him were also wanted and may face similar consequences (although the post has been removed now). Abu Bakar Minhas, a student of Software Engineering was arrested by Police for invading privacy and carrying out indecent activities online. The convicted was allegedly running at least two non-official university pages on Facebook, where users were encouraged to make confessions and post pictures of UMT female students.

We think that this will set a good example against such students and would send a warning message all the others about cyber-bullying. So far there is no proper system for fighting cyber-crime in the country. Unfortunately, the cyber crime laws are still in the pipeline waiting for implementation in Pakistan. However, this action seem to be a beginning of something new. Everybody deserves the right to feel safe online and to be able to report any cases of bullying and harassment. Here’s to hoping that people would be held responsible for their actions online and that more culprits would be brought into prosecution.

(source: ProPakistani)

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  • Abuzer Butt

    If the information can be retrieved from University records or Nadra then we are all f***ed no matter what we do, right? (Unless we plan to stay illiterate and dont enrol ourselves as citizens 😀

    I understand what you are trying to imply, though 🙂

  • Abuzer Butt

    I am sorry for being elusive but he may just have a point, if perceived a bit constructively.

    We all post all kinds of pictures with our families and friends on Facebook. Facebook’s shitty privacy policy make us all prone to this kind of cyber abuse. We can never know who may be watching/downloading our pictures. Yet we all do it (myself included).

    Its like smoking. We know it will kill us but we cant help doing it because we are addicted 🙂

    Some food for thought!

    P.S. I under no circumstances endorse what this guy did since its a severe violation of code of ethics and privacy.

  • Something similar happened to Mark Zuckerburg. And If I remember correctly he ended up developing Facebook.

    • Yamato

      I guess this will be our next Zukerburg then 😛

    • Ali

      First, There’s hell of difference between Pakistani and American culture. Second, this guy posted the pictures of girls and made indecent and adult comments over them. Your comment doesn’t make any sense. It’s just like ‘Sawal Gundum, Jawab Chana’

      • It was supposed to be a comment. Not a critical analysis of the whole incident.

    • Abid

      lpc kouhai.. tm jese log hi pakistan ka name badnam krte hen 😀

      • At least learn to understand english before shitposting. I never said that I approved what he did. He should be tried as per the law. Or were you blinded by my dick in your mouth?

        • Cobra

          I don’t see how that can blind a person. But hey, I’m sure you know what you’re talking about 🙂

    • Abuzer Butt

      You have a sense of black humour. I like it

      • Finally someone understands.

  • Khurram

    You can file case against him but you should not expel him ,
    This is one side of the story,
    I am also part of university.
    Girls there act and dress like WHORES AND PROSTITUTES.

    • Khurram i agreed with you, girls ko b dressing mein kuch sharam krni chahye.

      • Moby

        shabash hai bhai. ap apni fikar karein ‘girls’ ko apni fikar khud karnay dein.

        • bare afsos ki baat hai, janab jab tajori kholi ho gi tu lutne ka khatra tu ho ga. mein apni fiqar kr lon ga ap khod ko sambhalo.

          • Umar Malik

            apne ghar ki tajori bhi to khuli hoti hai…. un pe daka q nai dalta?? dosron ki tajori he q dikhti hai ???

          • apne ghar tu nahi ap ke ghar Daka maar chuka hon, or sab kuch luta b hai, koi khas masla hai tu baat kr lo, tumhri kyon phat rahi hai. ap k ghar ki tajori mein chabi wala jaga already lose thi but mein ne phir b tajori khol di thi.

          • Umar Malik

            pehli baat ye k agr normal discuss karne ki himmat nai rakhte to chup chaap bethna chahiye…
            apni n apne parents ki auqaat khoob zaher ki janab aapne … 🙂
            aap k in bare ilfazon se mujhe koi faraq nai para… but aap ne apne parents ko jo gali di wo dikh gai…… khoob tarbiyat di hai parents ne aapko

          • ap ko faraq es lye nahi para bcoz ap basically bagirat insaan ho, ap ki tu tajori lut gai tu ap ko faraq nahi para, meri tarbiyat ki baat kerte ho? tum tu un bachon mein se ho jo mazay lete lete paida ho jate hein, phir ap jaise ko so called parents kehte hein k mazay tu le liye ab shadi ker lete hein. shame on u
            es post pe mein ne apne comments diye ap apne dete muje criticize kyon kia?

          • Umar Malik

            criticize ???
            apne apna view dia meine apna… but aapko ziada bura lag gya shayed… sab ki maaein behnein samjhi hoti hain… agr insaan sochay to… jaise aapne dosron ki tijori ki baat ki similarly meine bhi jus unko point kia k loog apni tijori q nai loot tay… aap ko directly koi gali nai di thi…
            khair… just eik word bolon ga…. jis trha aapne aupar batain ki… maze le k etc etc
            aapko sharam aani chahiye…. k parents ki kia respect hoti hai…
            dosron ki respect ka bhi choorein… sab se pehle self respect ka sochna chahiye bande ko… aap ki bari bar batain karne se faraq kisi ko bhi nai pare ga… but ulta aapki izzat he kam ho gi… mind it..

          • Dr. Aamri Liaqat sahab over acting na karin, baat meri ap ki thi parents ki tarbiyat ki baat ap ne kyon ki? ap ko itni self respect pyari hai tu panga na lo, ab phat rhi hai tu mein kya karon. tameez ap ko b nahi or muje b nahi. ap post pe comment karo mere comments ka reply kyon kia? anyway behter hai ab insaan ban ke raho verna muje trick number 2 use kerna pare ga. or ap apni ezzat sambhalo or tajori b ok…

    • Pitafi

      Be careful when you use such strong language against the opposite gender. These girls you are referring to come from respectable backgrounds, and just because your religious beliefs do not match with theirs’, you have no right to use the kind of language against them that your own religion prohibits to begin with. God bless you.

      • Usamah Khan

        Yea exactly. May be one day the same language being used about anyone’s sis despite of being well dressed. It’s quite easy to say something aggressively to anyone without any specific reason. We need to correct ourselves because we will be answerable for just ourselves.

    • A Girl

      By saying this, you are supporting the wrong person. Even the improper dressing of girls doesn’t gives you the right to take and upload their pictures.
      Makes no sense to me. This is a lesson for all bullies!

      • Usamah Khan

        Well said. We have to keep an eye on ourselves. Don’t have right to taunt some one or interfere in someone’s life.

    • Nasir

      this mean, he should continue his actives after the bail,…

    • Pimple

      I would like to hear the other side of the story if you mentioned the “one side of the story” thing……
      Yeah i can not go with the expulsion part as well.

    • Ali

      It should best for you to die 🙂 This would be better for the world.

    • Uxman

      does it makes sense that they dress like this and that. the thing is where are ur humanistic values and ethics. everyone is free for choosing dressing style which he/she wants. Salute to your pathetic thinking.

    • Sanaf

      Mujhe lagrha hai k ap hi woh student ho jis ko expel kia gaya hai 😛 ya tu woh ho ya us k bhai.

    • Moby

      What makes you the judge of who dresses like what or whom? Confused idiots like you in universities today are a disappointment. Learn to distinguish between what is morally right or wrong; and keep it to yourself. You having a problem with how someone dresses or looks has nothing to do with posting pictures online.

    • NaughtyCaller

      You can object to a person’s choice of cloths but questioning their morals ? Really ?

  • Syed Nasir Ali

    sb dramay bazi hai … girls apni pics deti kyun hai … jo log jaisay hotay hain un k sath waisa hi hota hai …

    • Ali

      Ap ko judge kis ne banaya hai?

      • Moby

        Ji Nasir. issi lye iss bhai ko police utha ke le gayi hai.

    • Junaid Khan

      So you are suggesting people should take pics of whoever they want and if anybody has a problem they should not go out. I would be interested to know how would you feel if people stand outside your house with a camera and take pics when ever your family steps outside.

    • Aneka

      Jin din apki sister ka rape hoga tu yehi sochna k woh ghar se parhne kion nikli …

  • Atif

    Getting arrested, is not equivalent of getting convicted. The conviction can only be implemented by the judicial system. Therefore, you cannot call the student a convict yet. Nothing has been passed by the courts of law.

    Secondly, FIA does have Cybercrime division. Granted the laws are still in infancy, but they do exist and many arrests have been made in this regards in the past.

  • Guest

    what kind of one sided story it is ??
    are we familiar of what does Quarn says about our women ?
    i think girls in the Discussion has to read this first , then come up with what they are saying on this platform :O
    please read this before you comment .

    • A Girl

      Agreed to what you said. But if a women is not following the teachings of Islam, does it gives the right to a boy to take her pictures and post it on social media with low/PG18+ remarks?

      There is no other side of the story. If a women is not dressed well, by taking her pictures, you are spreading the wrong thing in the society, In directly you are supporting her.

      • Muhammad Abid

        i am not supporting anyone , but the thing is one has to protect oneself , if he/she thinks that he/she is a muslim . studying in a university does’t mean that he/she has to openly does what is not right and leads to such shameful results in a society .

    • Sanaf

      kuttay yeh bhi tu likha hai k admi apni nazar neechay rakhen yeh tu nahi dekhraha???

      • NaughtyCaller

        Very good reply except the abuse part … But maybe that’s how you communicate in real life as well

        • Sanaf

          lol … I only abuse those people who truly deserve it 🙂

    • kashir

      i respect Quran and to tell u wht there are a lot of things written in our beloved Quran.. using just few of them to win a comment is not a gud thing… v are living in a society in which v dnt have only muslims… quran says to treat them all well.. so keep every1 on a same grid.. suppose u have a non muslim fellow u will start treating him bad bcz he dsnt follow Quran… so whtever the grls do u r no one to treat them bad socially..

  • Muhammad Abid

    Please read this care fully !!

    Surat An-Nūr
    (The Light) – سورة النور

    And tell the believing
    women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private
    parts and not expose their adornment except that which
    [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their
    headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment
    except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’
    fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers, their
    brothers’ sons, their sisters’ sons, their women, that which
    their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no
    physical desire, or children who are not yet aware of the
    private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their feet to
    make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to
    Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might

    مومن عورتوں سے بھی کہہ دو کہ وہ بھی اپنی نگاہیں نیچی رکھا کریں اور اپنی
    شرم گاہوں کی حفاظت کیا کریں اور اپنی آرائش (یعنی زیور کے مقامات) کو
    ظاہر نہ ہونے دیا کریں مگر جو ان میں سے کھلا رہتا ہو۔ اور اپنے سینوں پر
    اوڑھنیاں اوڑھے رہا کریں اور اپنے خاوند اور باپ اور خسر اور بیٹیوں اور
    خاوند کے بیٹوں اور بھائیوں اور بھتیجیوں اور بھانجوں اور اپنی (ہی قسم کی)
    عورتوں اور لونڈی غلاموں کے سوا نیز ان خدام کے جو عورتوں کی خواہش نہ
    رکھیں یا ایسے لڑکوں کے جو عورتوں کے پردے کی چیزوں سے واقف نہ ہوں (غرض ان
    لوگوں کے سوا) کسی پر اپنی زینت (اور سنگار کے مقامات) کو ظاہر نہ ہونے
    دیں۔ اور اپنے پاؤں (ایسے طور سے زمین پر) نہ ماریں (کہ جھنکار کانوں میں
    پہنچے اور) ان کا پوشیدہ زیور معلوم ہوجائے۔ اور مومنو! سب خدا کے آگے توبہ
    کرو تاکہ فلاح پاؤ

    • Umar Malik

      aur mardon k liye kia kia hukum hain ?? wo nai parha Quran mein ?? kia Mardon ko quran mein permission di gai hai aise pics share karne ki ??

  • Shehryar

    I’m glad he was arrested if the story is true. But Nada, you should not have named the accused in the article unless he’s proven guilty.

    • Sanaf

      He looks guilty. Im damn sure he is

  • Muhammad Atif

    Just wondering, if there are no laws which govern or bides against such privacy or cyber crimes, then how did the Police come around to make the request? Was the girl whose privacy was invaded had strong connections or was a daughter of some high-up in the police force?

  • abubakar

    wat the exact reason behind this story??

  • Mohammad Abdullah Javed

    Seriously, a software engineer got caught 😀 that’s laughable. I mean, if it would have been a social sciences’ student then I had believed it but that shows the level of UMT’s CS students

    • Bahi es mein UMT ka tu koi kasur nahi

      • Mohammad Abdullah Javed

        g bhai ap theak keh rhy hain es mein UMT ka nhi, balky UMT CS department ka qasoor hai, kesi hacking sikhai hai bachy ko k wo pakra gya 😀

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