Apple Might Discontinue Leather Watch Bands and Phone Cases

Rumored to be moving away from leather products, Apple will no longer be releasing leather cases for iPhone 15 and leather bands for the Series 9 Apple Watch

Scheduled to organize a special event next week, Apple will be releasing some of its most awaited products, these one’s however, might not include leather accessories. Well atleast if the rumors are correct, Apple might discontinue both its leather cases for iPhone 15 and leather bands for the Series 9 Apple Watch.

Discontinuation of leather accessories will bring an end to a successful Apple and Hermès partnership that has brought in some of the most famous watch bands and phone case designs for Apple products.

Rumors about the discontinuation first started when Apple employees started receiving massive 90% discounts on Hermès leather bands, which is something that only happens once Apple is about to discontinue a product.

“Apple is expected to begin moving away from leather on its Apple Watch bands as well,” said Bloomberg Journalist Mark Gurman, while breaking the news.

Leather bands that are still available on Apple’s official website are quickly selling out, with the classic ‘Link Bracelet’ being the fastest one.

Apple users have been speculating the end of leather accessories for a long time, with some reports even going as far as a year.

Expected to discontinue leather accessories, Apple will surely come up with some entirely different designs and materials. Reports from 9to5mac suggest that Apple, planning to come up with something premium for its leather replacement, is introducing ‘fine woven’ phone cases.


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