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YouTube Will Let You Play Mini Games Soon

YouTube is stepping into the world of gaming. YouTube has started testing out its gaming service called Playables. The biggest news is, that the video and music streaming giant has entered the world of gaming. Back in June, rumors were circulating about YouTube’s gamin service claiming that Google’s video service would be adding simple arcade-like games to its website. ow, The predictions have become reality and confirmed by YouTube on adding the ‘Playables’ gaming experience to its test features and experiments list. The gaming feature is new and quite interesting for its viewers. Now they can experience some hands-on YouTube. However, it would seem that the description of these Playables—”games that can be played directly on YouTube on both desktop and mobile devices confirms the prediction that they are simple arcade-style time wasters rather than triple-A adventures.

Hence, very few YouTube users selected to take part in this ongoing experiment will want a section called ‘Playables’ that can access directly their YouTube home feed. In addition, participants also have an opportunity to view and control their playable history and saved game process in their regular YouTube history menu. Although, there is no information regarding any of the games that will be playable for these early testers. However, in the aforementioned report, a game called “Stack Bounce” was stated in which the object is to shatter bricks with a bouncing ball. All the things and reports depict that these games are made in HTML 5

We will be getting a suite of new mini-games very soon on the YouTube homepage. The video-sharing platform has started experimenting with this feature, The feature is currently only available to a small number of beta testers while the functions are still in the testing phase. Luckily, If you’re one of the one who is beta testers, the feature is named “Playables” and it should show up in a separate tab on the homepage. 

According to the news, there is a name called Stack Bounce that can be found easily in the list of published titles. In this game, players control a ball that smashes through rings with well-timed clicks. The name seems familiar because Google’s GameSnack service used to include Stack Bounce.

It is important to mention here that navigating a 3D ball is entirely different from the types of games that Google Stadia offered before it ceased operations. However, according to Google, the system will save game progress which can be assessed through the ‘History’tab.

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