Apple Might Discontinue Leather Watch Bands and Phone Cases

Rumored to be moving away from leather products, Apple will no longer be releasing leather cases for iPhone 15...

Sep 6 · >

Apple Patents Video Game Like Display on Windshield

An AR windshield, the patented product utilizes a range of sensors such as visible light cameras, infrared cameras, and...

Sep 1 · >

Apple Oficially Announces iPhone 15 Event ‘Wonderlust’: Save The Date

Apple, an iPhone company, finally unveiled the date to launch the iPhone 15. On Tuesday, Apple sent out invites...

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Aug 30 · >

YouTube Will Soon Let You Hum Tunes to Find Songs

Currently under testing, the feature will be a competition for Shazam, an Apple owned application that can identify music,...

Aug 24 · >

Apple To Increase Price Of iPhone 15 Pro And Pro Max:Why It Is Likely To Happen?

Apple, an American multinational technology company, is planning to increase the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max prices. The...

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Jul 27 · >

Rare Apple Sneakers With Vintage Rainbow Logo on Sale For $50,000

Described to be “one of the most obscure in existence”, the rare sneakers were custom-made for employees during the...

Jul 26 · >

Apple is Reportedly Using its AI Chatbot for Internal Work

Made using Apple’s in-house generative AI system ‘Ajax’, the Apple GPT has already been used to make “AI-related improvements”...

Jul 24 · >

Unopened iPhone From 2007 Sold For PKR 5.25 Crore at Auction

Sold for nearly 400 times its original price, the 15 years unopened phone was an original first generation iPhone...

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Jul 18 · >

YouTuber Creates World’s Largest Fully Functional iPhone: Here’s How

Created by YouTuber Matthew Beem, the World’s largest iPhone is a 8-foot long version of Apple’s latest iPhone 14...

Jul 4 · >

Apple Becomes World’s First Company to Have a $3 Trillion Valuation

Beating profit expectations and stock buybacks records, Apple has become an investor favorite and gained reputation as a safe...

Jul 4 · >

5 Major Reasons Companies Are Banning The Use Of ChatGPT

Despite having so many capabilities, many companies have banned chatGPT and restricted their employees from using chatGPT. Since its...

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Jun 28 · >

Meta Launches $7.99 a Month Virtual Reality Service: Here’s What You Need to Know

Compatible with Quest 2, Quest Pro and the upcoming Quest 3 headset, the Quest+ virtual reality subscription will give...

Jun 28 · >