Qualcomm wants to beat Apple at its own game with acquisition of Nuvia

In a deal amounting to $1.4 billion, Qualcomm is acquiring Nuvia – a chip manufacturing startup founded by former...

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Global smartphone shipments in 2020 were down 8.8% compared to 2019: report

Global smartphone shipments witnessed a considerable drop in the pandemic-ravaged year of 2020. According to a newly released report,...

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If Apple Airpods were a country, its GDP would be greater than 58 countries of the world

A senior analyst at TheHustle, Trung T. Phan, has highlighted the sales of the Apple Airpods. According to his...

Jan 12 · 42 sec read >

You will soon be able to charge your iPhone wirelessly via your MacBook

According to Patently Apple, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple two patents for reverse charging...

Jan 7 · 51 sec read >

iPhone 12 mini is the worst-performing new iPhone in regards to sales

As the quarterly investors’ call looms nearby being held at the end of January 2021, Apple will be really...

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Go big or go home? Investors consider how to treat tech stocks in 2021

As the tumultuous year of 2020 screeches towards its end, tech investors are trying to figure out how to...

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Dec 28 · 2 min read >

Elon Musk reveals that he once tried to sell Tesla to Apple

Hard as this might be to believe, there was once a time when tech visionary and serial entrepreneur Elon...

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Here is why the AirPods Max are just terribly overpriced regular headphones

Don’t get me wrong: Apple’s latest wireless over-ear headphones look incredible. It’s hard to ignore their aesthetic appeal, and...

Dec 9 · 1 min read >

Apple introduces replacement program for faulty iPhone 11 displays

Nothing can be worse than buying a brand new phone and finding out that it doesn’t work properly. Unfortunately,...

Dec 5 · 59 sec read >

Italy slaps $12M fine on Apple for its false iPhone claims

Nowadays, it feels like Apple is getting fined left, right, and center! After the company was forced to settle...

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Dec 1 · 52 sec read >

Apple confirms iPhone 12 models are suffering from display issues

Apple has been selling its iPhone 12 models in unprecedented numbers. In fact, if anything, despite all the problems...

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max breaks records in DisplayMate test

The iPhone 12 has been the center of attention of the mobile world since its release a month ago....

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