Sponsor Content for TechJuice

TechJuice now (24 July, 2015) accepts a form of advertising commonly known as “Sponsor Content”, it goes by another name of “Native Advertising”. This is a form of advertising that exists when an advertiser writes an article or commissions one to be written by a publication. While the existence dominates the digital domain, this form of advertising goes back to when print publications called these pieces “Advertorials.”

At TechJuice, the distinguishing feature of a Sponsor/ed Content will be clearly mentioned in the opening paragraph with the name of the advertising party involved. At the bottom of these posts, we will mention a disclosure statement that will remind readers that this article is a form of advertising and while the TechJuice editorial team will be commissioned to write these posts, rest assured that these will not affect opinion or stance on the product or service.

While advertising could at times be frowned upon or seen as a waste of time, we assure you, our readers, that we will maintain a high standard in choosing and accepting requests for Sponsored Content in order to keep delivering you interesting and meaningful content for your reading needs. Some websites mention sponsor/ed content like New York Times, ReCode, Dawn while others produce the content just like a normal post without any disclosure. We have decided to take the former approach to keep things clear and transparent.