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Apple Plans $700 Million India Plant In Shift From China

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Taiwan’s Foxconn is already manufacturing the latest iPhones in India

Apple suppliers are looking to reduce their reliance on Chinese production

Apple Inc Partner Foxconn Technology group plans to invest $700 million in India’s new plant. The plan is to upgrade local production, underscoring a hastening shift of manufacturing left from China as the situation in China is not the same as before.

The Taiwanese company, famous for its flagship element Hon Hai Precision Industry, plans to do something innovative. The company has planned to establish a 300-acre site nearby the airport in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

However, the company may also house Apple’s receivers, and Foxconn uses the site to manufacture its fledgling electric vehicle business.
After Covid-19, China is losing its position as the world’s largest electronic producer. The investment highlights how China is losing its position, and it’s one of Foxconn’s most significant single outlays in India.

On the other hand, brands like Apple encourage their Chinese dealers to visit alternative locations such as India and Vietnam. However, it is reconsidering the global supply chain strengthened during the pandemic.

The war in Ukraine may change how the world’s electronics are produced. Hence, the new production is predictable to create job opportunities for professionals. It is also predictable that this project will help create 100,000 jobs.


Zhengzhou plant output in China plunged ahead the year end holidays with COVID related issues. China is forcing Apple to reconsider it’s decision. The most recent action, Foxconn’s decision,suggests that supplier may be moving size out of China more quickly than is likely.

Though, the plans might take a shift as Foxconn is in the state of confirming investment and project minutiae.

Though, it is still not transparent if the plant signifies new capacity that Foxconn is unstable as comapred to others mainly it’s Chinese services.

In addition, the decision made by Foxconn would be a victory for Modi’s administration. As this will provide a chance to close India’s technological gap with China as western investors and bussiness grow weary of Beijing’s restrictions on the private sector.

India is taking it as an opportunity and offered financial incentives to Apple suppliers such as Foxconn. Foxconn is an innovative group producing the latest generation of iPhones at a factory in Tamil Nadu state last year.

On the other hand, smaller group of competitors like Wistron and Pegatron are also expanding their operations in India. Whereas, suppliers such as Jabil Corp has started manufacturing Airpods components locally.

These days many companies are looking at India as a largest production hub for production of electric components. The global supply chain is dependent on China.

Previously, Foxconn already showcased its first ever EV named Model-C and which will be offered in Taiwan initially.

In 2021, the company also disclosed the joint venture with Yulon group in order to manufacture EVs. With innovative plans of producing electric crossover and other affordable EVs to come.

Alas, Foxconn foray is in the state of mobility which will help to get a boost from India.

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