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Asia’s 75 most innovative universities are out, Pakistan doesn’t make the cut

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Reuters has published a list of 75 most innovative universities in Asia. The shortlisted universities are playing a major role in the advancement of science, technology and are driving the global economy. None of the educational institute in Pakistan has been able to secure a position in the list.

The largest continent on earth, Asia comprises of some of the most populated countries in the world. In terms of population, Pakistan’s neighboring countries China and India tops the list. The revealed list, on the contrary, has been topped by countries with relatively small regions. For example, 17 of the top classified universities are based in Japan and South Korea.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philphines and Vietnam has been completely missing from the list. Although the preceding two countries have huge population and later two countries have region’s largest economies.

According to Reuters, the ranking of the universities has been based on institution level which means there might be innovative departments or world-class laboratories in certain universities which have not been shortlisted for the institutional level innovation.

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