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Audi’s new SUV all set to launch

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie ·  1 min read >

The German car manufacturing giant Audi is all set to launch its electric sports car SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle e-Tron 50 Quattro in Pakistan. The launch will occur in the first quarter of the year.

Ever since Pakistan had put forward the National Electric Vehicle policy, many auto manufacturers have geared up to launch the electrically driven vehicles in the country. The NEVP policy However hadn’t been effective so far.

Just like others Audi had stepped up the competition and started booking the EV. The EUV units are expected to be delivered to the country by the start of April 2020.

According to the WLTP Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure, the car covers an exceptional distance that is 417 km with a single battery charge. The maximum regular speed of the vehicle is 200 km per hour. This ensures a ride full of thrill and adventure along with controlled speed.

Audi also claims that E-Tron takes only 5.7 seconds for accelerating from 0 to 100 km per hour. The brake system in the car is electro-hydraulically integrated. This also aids the vehicle in recharging itself via the e-machine on more than 90% of the deceleration rate.

Talking about the overall design of the e-Tron, it gives off an aggressive look with excellent aerodynamics. With optional matrix led headlamps on the front and sharp lines on the sides brings out its futuristic design. The lamps on the car front come up with the smart technology that controls the light and switch the diode off and on as per the condition of the traffic. The taillights are in the form of stripes and give a smart and elegant look to the car.


The interior of SUV is the utmost example of luxury and comfort. The cabins are spacious along with premium quality two tones built interior. The cockpit of the car is situated in the middle of the dashboard. It displays all the real-time parameters and important information. With enough head and legroom, this car is the best adventurous off-ride SUV. In the market, e-Tron is expected to be available in 12 different shades. The car can be charged in two ways, either at home or via the working station. The charging time at home for Audi’s SUV is 6-7 hours and through the cockpit, the customer can get all the charge-related information.

A warranty period of 8 years is given by Audi to every buyer or 160,000 km on the installed high-voltage battery.
In the local market e-Tron 50 Quattro is expected to be sold at Rs.14,900,000. Bookings have started so get your hand on the car before it closes.