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December 6, 2019
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A few months ago, Daraz introduced Image Reviews and Instant Message –  two complementary features that help customers make more informed purchasing decisions. The online marketplace has a growing catalogue of more than 8 million products and therefore, customers have a large number of options in any given category. These two features help them streamline their options. 

Instant Message was launched in July and for the first time, customers were able to communicate directly with sellers and brands on the platform. By doing so, they are able to have their queries regarding any particular product resolved faster and ensure that the item they opt to purchase is perfectly suited to them. Customers can ask sellers questions regarding a product’s size, color, usage, warranty and shipment and they can remain in touch with the seller even after the item has been shipped to them if they need further assistance. 

Image Reviews was also launched in July. While the platform already allowed customers to post reviews about their experiences of shopping on the app, Daraz introduced Image Reviews so that customers can post pictures with their reviews of any product they have bought from the platform. This allows customers to describe their experience of shopping on the app in greater detail. The images pasted help other buyers make better purchasing decisions, as well.

By launching these two features, Daraz has been able to enhance customer experience on the platform and make it easier to navigate the growing assortment. Daraz has also provided a solution for those customers who feel more secure shopping when the product is “tangible”. 

The two features tie in very closely with Daraz’ promise to protect customers against fraud. A purchase protection policy is also strictly implemented for this purpose and is applicable to all customers whether they are engaging in a digital transaction or paying cash on delivery. By implementing stringent policies and introducing such features, Daraz has created a convenient and empowering shopping experience for customers and strengthened customer confidence.

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