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British Scientists Have Developed A COVID-Alarm That Detects Infections

Written by Usman Aslam ·  40 sec read >

In recent news, scientists have developed an ingenious alarm that acts similar to a smoke alarm only in this case it detects COVID. This alarm is said to play an important role in further ensuring safety measures in regards to the ever-rising pandemic.

This sensor, which was developed by the Cambridgeshire Scientific Firm, primarily operates through detecting chemicals that are produced on the skin or are present near infected people. These infected people then omit the volatile organic compounds which can only be detected through these sensors as the human nose can not detect such chemicals through the sense of smell. The overall results of this are then sent to a mobile application within 15 minutes.

This COVID-19 ceiling alarm is slightly larger than the common smoke alarm system we see in normal buildings and is going through numerous clinical trials. According to some initial testing, the alarm has shown an accuracy of about 98-100% which is truly astounding.

All in all, this COVID alarm will truly bring about a huge decline in COVID cases giving scientists and the respective industry to introduce more profound ways to eliminate the Coronavirus.

Written by Usman Aslam
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