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Apple Launches $200 Million Fund For Climate Change

In recent news, Apple has created a $200 million dollar fund to invest in environmental projects to eliminate carbon...

Apr 16 · 47 sec read >

Apple Has Struck A Business Deal With Major Companies To Develop An Electric Car

Ever since the rumors of Apple’s concept of an Electric Car, ensuring sustainable partnerships for this product has been...

Apr 16 · 43 sec read >

Apple’s Kid Games On The App Store Turned Out To Be A Secret Gambling Den

In recent news, a developer named Kosta Eleftheriou discovered that a game called ‘Jungle Runner 2k21’ made for kids...

Apr 16 · 53 sec read >

Android 12 Uses An iPhone Feature For Its Own Interface, Copying Apple?

As Apple had introduced a feature for iOS 14 which was primarily focused on user privacy, it seems like...

Apr 16 · 53 sec read >

You Can Now Run Windows 10 On Arm On Apple’s M1 Macs And More

In recent news, Parallels is bringing an update to its Desktop virtual machine software which will now allow M1...

Apr 15 · 54 sec read >

Now You Can Download Albums On Spotify Too, Say Goodbye To Those Funny Hacks

In recent news, Spotify has released a handy feature that will allow users to download albums. Although this feature...

Apr 15 · 38 sec read >

Windows 10 – Timeline Feature Is Going To End

Windows 10 is officially closing its flashy feature of timelines. This feature was initially launched in 2017 was designed...

Apr 15 · 53 sec read >

Siri May Have Spilled The Beans Of Apple’s Next Event

Apple’s ever-popular voice assistant Siri who is well known for giving users a dead end every time users ask...

Apr 15 · 41 sec read >

Google Photos Can Now Let You Copy Text From A Photo Into Your Web Browser

The Google Photos desktop version now has the ability to scan for text in an image and make the...

Apr 15 · 45 sec read >

Your WhatsApp Account Can Be Suspended by Anyone Who Has Your Phone Number

In recent news, a loophole in WhatsApp has been determined where an attacker can completely suspend a user’s WhatsApp...

Apr 15 · 1 min read >

User Proves That Once Your PS4’s CMOS Battery Dies, Its Simply Saying Goodbye To Your Console

Last month, a Twitter account called ‘Does It Play’ dedicated to ensuring video game preservation and accessibility highlighted the...

Apr 14 · 50 sec read >

NITB Warns Android Users Of Malware Through Fake Netflix App

In recent news, the National Information Technology Board has determined that an app by the name of ‘FlixOnline’ has...

Apr 14 · 35 sec read >