Byonyks Founder meets with Minister for IT to discuss plans of bloodless dialysis machines

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Byonyks is a medTech startup aiming to disrupt the market by introducing Pakistan’s first bloodless dialysis machine. The company aims to provide dialysis for 3 million people at cost-effective prices and ease of use at their homes. It is pertinent to note that dialysis treatments are extremely expensive for patients and especially when some have to undergo the treatment on a regular basis.

In a meeting with the Minister for Information Technology and Telecom Syed Amin Ul Haque, Byonyks Founder Farrukh Usman showed him a sample dialysis machine being manufactured by the startup plus discussed other matters of importance. The Minister lauded Byonyks for their efforts in introducing bloodless dialysis machines in Pakistan.

Given below is the tweet by MoIT&T:

Byonyks has raised around PKR 28.7 million in seed funding this year according to Ignite and has a diversified team of individuals from around the world. Farrukh is a Harvard grad and has manufactured kidney dialysis machines which have previously been sold in developed countries around the world.

Minister of IT and Telecom also committed to fully supporting the startup so that dialysis machines can be manufactured on a large and provided to patients at home. With the first prototype, Pakistan will be the 5th country in the world to have its own indigenously developed dialysis machines:

Their website allows visitors to sign-up for home-based dialysis machines and some will be eligible for first 10 free machines as well! The design of the machines started in early 2019 whereas the full design was completed at the end of 2019. The startup has been supported by the Ignite Seed Fund. There are no timelines about the launch of the first product but fingers crossed, they will be launching soon!

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