to offer 99 products for 9 rupees in mega 9th November sale

By Rehan Ahmed on
November 1, 2015
  -   Like us now!, one of the leading shopping retailers in Pakistan, has announced a mega-sale on the 9th of November, offering 99 different products for 9 Rupees each. is one of the newest names that has been grazing the online-retailing landscape in Pakistan. Primarily focused on tech gadgets and accessories, it also sells products in the categories of food, office supplies and fashion. Now, they have announced a one-of-a kind sale for Monday, the 9th of November at 9 P.M in which they are going to put 99 different products on sale for Rs.9.

Some of the products that will go on sale are,

  • Mobile Phone Cases
  • T-Shirts
  • Mobile Phones
  • Power Banks
  • USB Cables
  • Memory Cards
  • Selfie Sticks

According to, there will be limited supplies varying from product to product and each customer will only be allowed to buy one unit per product. They haven’t mentioned which products specifically will go on sale, so you will need to keep a track of their Facebook page, where new deals will be revealed everyday.

Of course, selling products for Rs.9 each will result in a lot of revenue loss but the people over at are confident that they will be able to gain a lot of trust from people who are hesitant to shop from online retailers, a common issue in Pakistan. With such cheap prices, they believe that a lot of people will flock to their online store and when the new customers have tried out their first product for simply Rs.9, they will keep coming back!


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