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Careem joins government efforts, introduces a ‘COVID19 Vaccination’ transport service on its Super App

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Careem has recently released a new feature in its Super App, enabling users to book a ride to any Covid19 vaccination center in Pakistan with just two taps. The new “Get vaccinated” tool includes detailed information from official government sources on the vaccines being offered in the country, their eligibility, and the timings and locations of all centers across the country. Through the tool, customers can simply call the nearest vaccination center through the app and book a hassle-free ride, avoiding all traffic and parking issues. 

  • Updated mapped locations, phone numbers, and operating hours of each site are now available on the Super App.
  • Careem has built this information into the new tool/widget within the Super App.

We are grateful to the local and federal government that has put in tremendous efforts to provide easy accessibility for citizens to get vaccinated. We wanted to play our role to encourage people of Pakistan who want to get vaccinated by making that process easier,”  said Zeeshan Baig, CEO and Country General Manager, Careem Pakistan

Customers in all 10 cities where Careem operates can access the new tool directly on the app’s home screen, underneath thumbnails of other rides, food, and delivery services. The app allows users to locate and book an appointment at the nearest vaccination center as well. 

The company said it observed a surge in the number of customers booking rides to vaccination centers as soon as the government’s vaccination process started this month. Thus far, more than 10,000 customers have booked a Careem ride to be vaccinated. More than 350,000 vaccines have been administered across Pakistan, according to data by Reuters COVID-19 Tracker.

To improve the customer experience and support the national vaccination efforts, Careem quickly created a specially dedicated squad including product managers, designers, and engineers to build the world’s first vaccination transport feature in an app. Due to most of the vaccination sites being newly established and not yet appearing on maps, Careem set out to pinpoint the location, phone number, and operating hours of each site and built that information into the new tool. 

Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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