Uber Shuts Down Service in Major Cities Including Karachi and Islamabad

Uber however is still operating in Lahore, which is the largest city in the province of Punjab One of...

Oct 11 ·>
Uber Shuts down in major cities including Islamabad and Karachi

Careem acquires MUNCH:ON to expand Food offering on the Super App

Careem, the region’s leading multi-service platform, announces the acquisition of MUNCH:ON in the UAE. Founded in 2016 by Mohammad...

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Jun 30 ·>

Careem launches carpooling services

Given the massive hike in global fuel prices, the everyday office-goer is the most affected by the current economic...

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Jun 29 ·>

4.3 million women used Careem for mobility, taking 32+ million trips

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2022, Careem Pakistan released impactful data that showed the trends of women...

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Mar 21 ·>

Careem to bring back bonuses and guarantees, awards best performing Captains of 2021

With the mission of simplifying and improving the lives of people in the region, Careem, the Super App for...

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Dec 15 ·>

Expanding the corporate portfolio, Careem partners with Educative to provide mobility solutions

Careem, the Super App for the greater Middle East and Pakistan, partners with Educative, an online platform to learn...

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Dec 7 ·>

Careem invested $100 million since 2015, created 800,000 employment opportunities

Careem, the Super App of the greater Middle East and Pakistan, has partnered with Oxford Economics to release “The...

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Nov 30 ·>

Careem distributes free smog kits to Captains for a fourth consecutive year

Continuing its mission of providing more than 800,000 Captains in Pakistan with a safe and healthy work environment, Careem,...

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Nov 23 ·>

Careem slashes its Bike commission to 15%

Careem, the Super App for the greater Middle East and Pakistan, has recently slashed its commission from 25% to...

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Nov 15 ·>

Careem appoints the new marketing director in Pakistan

Careem, the Super App for the greater Middle East and Pakistan, has recently appointed Haris Javed as the new...

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Nov 9 ·>

Careem further strengthen its safety protocols by onboarding specialised agencies

Reiterating its commitment to safety as its utmost priority as well as targeting service excellence, Careem has further strengthened...

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Oct 29 ·>

Witnessing challenges and opportunities firsthand, Careem leadership gets on wheels to deliver food

As Careem launched its food services in Lahore earlier this year, the colleagues including senior leadership in Lahore took...

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Oct 14 ·>