Careem launches in Sukkur

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Careem has launched its ride-hailing service in Sukkur, one of the largest cities in Sindh. The company terms the launch its first step towards expanding its footprint in the interior cities of Sindh and plans to launch two more cities in the province by the end of 2018.

Home to 500,000 people, Sukkur is the third largest city in Sindh after Hyderabad and Karachi. Careem, with its recent initiative, looks to facilitate every individual’s transportation needs, especially the working class of the city. The service is reasonably priced and is ideal for a safe and reliable experience. With its Go and bike categories operational in Sukkur, the ride-hailing service will cater to a wide user base and will create jobs for many captains, helping the province towards better living standards.

Sukkur launch brings the company closer to its goals of connecting the smaller cities in Sindh through intercity routes eventually and creating more jobs for the people of the province. Careem entered the Pakistani market in 2016 with the plan to create 1 million jobs by 2020 and it is well in-line to achieve that target.

On the occasion, Asad Khan, General Manager South, Careem Pakistan said, “Careem’s goal is to benefit the maximum number of people in the country through its affordable and reliable services. With ride-hailing now available in another region of Pakistan, we are one step closer to that dream. Careem looks to break more grounds with time and continue to facilitate its growing customer base in Pakistan.”

Moreover, Careem stresses the quality of its services. All captains go through a vigorous screening process and background checks to ensure that the user experience remains immaculate. A customer services and harassment training is also provided to all potential captains before they start driving with Careem.

Now operational in 14 cities, Careem has remained successful in kick-starting a novel industry offering better transportation facilities, and by extension, booming auto sales in the country, only in a short span of two years. Moreover, the company is not only in line with its goal to increase the penetration of its services but also in creating more jobs in the process.