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Child pornography is slowly becoming a business in Pakistan, says FIA official

Written by Abdul Wahab ·  1 min read >

According to the latest interview of Federal Investigation Agency’s Cybercrime Wing Director General Captain (r) Mohammad Shoaib with a private channel, child pornography is slowly becoming a business in Pakistan.

The interview took place on Wednesday, where the Director-General laid some shocking facts that were plaguing the Pakistani society. According to the Director General, the Federal Investigation Agency had received several complaints from locals as well as from abroad about the imminent threat of the child pornographic epidemic in Pakistan. Shockingly, these heinous activities are related to international agencies that provide and promote child pornography.

Over 20 suspects involved in the crime have been arrested so far and are in jail while some have also been granted bail by courts,” Capt (r) Shoaib said, adding that “investigations are underway against 50 other suspects as well,” said the Director-General.

FIA’s Director General further emphasized on the need to create awareness of this unethical and downright disgusting activity in Pakistan. He said awareness must be created among parents and children by the media since “suspects portray to be women and children on social media and lure them”.

It seems that the Federal Investigation Agency has yet another enormous task that needs to be taken care of immediately. Recent threats on social media regarding unlawful online content has taken a rise. Cybercrime attack ranging from phishing attack on WhatsApp to online harassment on Facebook have become more prominent in recent times. In a bid to counter this menace, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority established a new cyber wing to handle complaints against unlawful content online.

Stacking on top of that is this new threat that stands to challenge the integrity of Pakistani society. It would be pertinent to mention that the unfortunate ‘Kasur incident’ that shocked everyone around the globe is still fresh among the minds of many Pakistanis. In order to avoid such unfortunate incidents, PTA’s cyber-wing must keep a vigilant eye on such horrific online activities and work with the government to crack on these agencies and put the perpetrators in jail.