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Chinese are angry with America, so they are smashing their iPhones

Written by Rehan Ahmed ·  1 min read >

What would you do if America made a decision that isn’t in favor of your country? Protest in the streets, burn tires in front of the American Embassy? Well, the Chinese, unhappy with a court ruling against their country, are smashing the iPhones they bought from their own money to show that they are angry with America.


Hundreds of Chinese people have uploaded videos on the internet as they smash their iPhones. Others have taken to protesting outside KFC outlets in the country. Both the brands, Apple and KFC, are seen as the primary image of the West (and specifically the United States) in the country. This smashing and mobbing is a way to show their anger and to tell the American goods to get out of China.

Why are they angry?

China has been in dispute with a number of smaller Asian countries over the ownership of a group of islands in the South China Sea. Last week, an international tribunal ruled in favor of the Philippines, awarding some of the islands to them. The Chinese see the United States as the perpetrator and the main force behind the smaller Asian countries.

Of course, there is no direct link between Apple and the United States government. In no way is Apple related to the court ruling so, if you think about it, the smashing of iPhones is a little absurd.

Moreover, it won’t really hurt Apple but what would hurt Apple is if this destroys their image and drives down sales. Since China is seen as the biggest consumer market in the world, and also Apple’s largest iPhone market, Tim Cooks should be taking notice right now.

Source— Mashable

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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