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Android App CloudMagic
CloudMagic Android App
CloudMagic Android App of the Day

How many android apps do you have in your Phone ? If you’re not an intense user may be 5 to 10, and if you are a geek, and want a piece of everything at least you would have 30 to 40 apps that you use almost everyday. A typical android user has some email apps, social media applications, a few cloud storage applications and chat applications.
When you want to search some data in all of these apps it becomes very painful and time taking process. Good News is not Now! Our Android Application suggestion for today is CloudMagic app – that is a central search engine of your mobile and magically extracts all of the information you need from all of your apps. This is the most coolest android app I have come across recently.
The application is very easy to set up; it comes up with the ability to add different social media, cloud storage and messaging apps that it covers for search. Once the accounts are connected. The CloudMagic app lets you search in every account you own. Like if you are looking for specific keyword and you want information about it from all of your Email, Social Media and Messaging accounts then just type in and search it.
All the results consolidated beautifully are presented on the screen. CloudMagic also has its extensions available for Chrome and firefox.
Even if you are not interested in search still you can use this app to stay on top of everything from your email to social media accounts. You should consider using this application. As all of the information comes up on the home page of this app that lets you stay updates with all of your accounts.

Accounts you can organize:
The Cloud Magic App lets you organize the following account:
1. Google account with gmail and Google Drive services.
2. Hotmail.
3. Twitter.
4. Microsoft Exchange.
5. Facebook.
6. Dropbox.
7. Evernote.
8. Yahoo Mail.
9. Outlook.
10. SkyDrive.
11. Box.
12. Office 365.
13. iCloud.
14. AOL.
16. GMX.
17. Google Talk.


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Written by: Talha Masood (Creative: Fatima Rizwan)

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