Millions of older phones can no longer use WhatsApp

Taha Abdullah • February 4, 2020
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You can now ask Google for tech support on Twitter using #AndroidHelp

Taha Abdullah • January 28, 2020

Here’s a look at ‘Nearby Sharing’, an AirDrop like service for Android

Taha Abdullah • January 27, 2020

Opera blamed for offering predatory loans through Android apps

Tehreem Farooqi • January 20, 2020

Facebook is developing its own OS for its AR and VR devices

Taha Abdullah • December 22, 2019

GitHub introduces its very own mobile application

TechJuice • November 14, 2019

WhatsApp finally adds support for fingerprint verification on Android

Taha Abdullah • November 2, 2019

Serious bug found in Android 8.x and above

TechJuice • October 5, 2019

Google officially releases Android 10 for Pixel phones

TechJuice • September 5, 2019

Google will no longer use dessert names for upcoming Android versions

Hamza Zakir • August 23, 2019

Google to allow Android users to pick a default search engine on their home screen

Sajeel Syed • August 21, 2019

Here’s why Huawei’s HarmonyOS does not intend to compete with Google’s Android

Hamza Zakir • August 19, 2019

Now you can use one of the latest features of Galaxy Note 10 on any Android device

Sajeel Syed • August 16, 2019

WhatsApp beta users can now use fingerprint unlock feature on Android

Sajeel Syed • August 16, 2019

Google Assistant lock screen texting is fully functional for some devices

Sajeel Syed • August 9, 2019