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Disconto app has served over 21,000 deals in 8 months

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Discounted sales and promotions are a great way for retailers to acquire new customers. The new customers drawn to shop owing to the discounted deals not only buy the steeply discounted items but also go for other ones with no discount at all. If deals and promotions are done right, they can also win customers that keep coming back. So, with deals and discounts, there are fewer chances of going wrong. The benefits outweigh the thin margins of discounted items any day.

Based out of Technology Incubation Centre, NUST, Islamabad, Disconto is a startup, working on a mobile platform exclusively designed for deals and discounts. Claiming to be one of a kind mobile-first platform, it is available for Android and iOS users both. Through the application, with a few taps of a finger, users can avail discounts at over 250 different brand outlets in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. The application is simple and everything works in a breeze.

It is a quick three steps process.

You review the deals around you, go to the shop, and avail it. The detailed view also gives you important information about the deal of your interest. This application also utilizes your actual position to identify the discounts near you. Hence, there are two views for checking deals. One, list view and two, maps view. The deals are subdivided into food, entertainment, health, and beauty, accessories, and gifts.

Officially launched in November 2015, the application has acquired more than 44,000 users and served 21,000+ deals.

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For the sellers, Disconto is a platform where brands can sign up and start adding deals without any hassle. Which essentially will help brands execute their marketing campaigns in less time.

Disconto is another example of how we are leveraging our expertise in mobile technology – to help our clients transform their marketing strategies more cost effectively. We have many brands who are taking advantage of this platform to reach out to their customers. And we will add more, so we can fill the gap between the retailers and customers”, says CEO, Sajjad Sarwar.

Even the brands that sign up for their deals are not charged anything upfront – which has defined Disconto’s success very well. With future plans in focus, Disconto plans to launch some premium deals, which, will come with certain price tags. The impact of these deals will be soon seen with the launch of the premium package.

We didn’t face any problem while using the application but one thing that stood out was the login screen. Every time you open the application, you have to go through a logging in the window again. Which, we think, is useless and can be removed altogether. Otherwise, the application is smooth, user interface is neat and it delivers what it has promised!

You can download the application for Android and iOS now and further details can be viewed on:

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