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eLearn Punjab: PITB with another Feather in the Cap!

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Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has outsmarted all other provinces in the race of Information Technology. Time and again it has reminded people of the success stories. Climbing the ladder with a good pace made it reach towering heights in no time and that certainly has been visible.

Plan-9 was the one to let entrepreneurs unleash their skills. The platform’s success is hidden from no one and now we can see new companies that kick-started from Plan 9 a few months back.

With eLearn PITB breaking the bounds!

A country striving hard to make a name in international arena also needs education. Countries that were nowhere two decades back are now Asian giants all because of education. Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia got it all going just because they valued education.

We cannot advocate other provinces but Punjab certainly has done a great work. This one is just a start and coming days will add so much more to elearn.punjab.gov.pk

What exactly is eLearn?

It is a free online repository (storage) of textbooks taught at schools (for the time being just Matriculation level). Well it doesn’t stop here. The textbooks contain videos, animations and simulations for better understanding of the pupils about the content of those books.

It is just a few days since its launch so one might only see Sciences and Mathematics courses of 9th and 10th standards but this will not be limited to these subjects and these grades. Over the course of time more subjects and curriculum of more grades will be a part of this valuable online resource.

eLearn is not just to learn… You can contribute as well


One can always use resources and at the same time be a resource to others. eLearn provides an option to contribute and suggest content for eLearn as well. All such information is available at the homepage mentioned above.

This is a very positive initiative that demands encouragement from the people. No matters how bad things have been in Pakistan there is always something to cheer about… eLearn is an initiative that will surely help Pakistan produce more brilliant students and truly bright future generations.

Well Played PITB. We are with you…

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Written by Ezaaz Waseem
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