Electric vehicles proposed for school transport in Pakistan

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Journeys to school might just get greener, as recommendations have been put forward by concerned authorities calling for the mobilization of electric vehicles to replace existing public transport for educational institutes. 

The Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change has reportedly proposed electric vehicles for transporting students to schools, colleges, and universities.  

This comes as a not-so-surprising consideration in the wake of rising smog and air pollution, with the Ministry of Climate Change noting that vehicular emission alone is responsible for 43% of the total air pollution in the country. 

The meeting, presided over by Senator Seeme Ezdi, discussed the concerning situation of smog in Pakistan as well as mechanisms monitoring and improving air quality. 

The Secretary of Climate Change Sikandar Qayyum and EPA DG Farzana Altaf Shah informed the committee that the main culprits behind air pollution were industrial units, vehicles, and brick kilns. 

If air pollution is to be eradicated, various preventive measures need to be adopted. For instance, the committee was informed that out of the 63 brick kilns in the federal capital, 20 had installed pollution control technology to counter the negative effects. 

In a similar vein, the committee highlighted the need to conserve the environment by giving the masses incentives to switch to electric vehicles. It was also unanimously recommended that educational transport vehicles be converted to electric vehicles. 

Senator Faisal Javed pointed out that Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken up the challenge of tackling environmental issues and had done a tremendous job so far that was being appreciated by the international community. 

He added that in this regard, a lot of projects had been started, including ten billion tree plantation, construction of dams in ten years, and the urban forest in Lahore. 

Committee Chairperson Seeme Ezdi stated that it was a duty to provide a safe environment for the people of Pakistan. 

Written by Hamza Zakir
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