Israel is using computer analysis to determine coronavirus patients

Hamza Zakir • 16 hours ago

Google to donate $800m+ to help in the fight against coronavirus

Hamza Zakir • March 28, 2020

Apple pledges to donate 2 million masks for the coronavirus cause

Hamza Zakir • March 23, 2020

Pakistan govt to launch ‘Corona App’ that helps users identify victims around them

Hamza Zakir • March 20, 2020

Here’s how you can use your gaming PC to beat the coronavirus from your home

Hamza Zakir • March 17, 2020

NUST researchers develop cheap coronavirus detection kits

Hamza Zakir • March 17, 2020

Audi releases its first electric SUV in Pakistan

Hamza Zakir • March 10, 2020

SpaceX Starship rocket explodes during pressure test in Texas

Hamza Zakir • March 4, 2020

Cadillac to unveil its first all-electric car in a month

Hamza Zakir • March 3, 2020

INER-Z launches Pakistan’s first set of electric vehicles at Pakistan Auto Show 2020

Hamza Zakir • February 25, 2020

Watch the beloved Boston Dynamics robot dog pull a rickshaw

Hamza Zakir • February 20, 2020

Hacker creates a device that can unlock luxury cars

Hamza Zakir • February 17, 2020

Islamabad-based short term rentals startup Roamer raises six-figure seed investment

Hamza Zakir • February 12, 2020