The coronavirus isn’t helping anyone, but it is helping a famous video game

Hamza Zakir • 1 day ago

Scientists successfully recreate the voice of an ancient Egyptian mummy

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Here are all the rumored specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20

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Elon Musk believes we’ll be able to talk to Tesla cars in the future

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Apple might have stolen Apple Watch tech, according to recent lawsuit

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Google will read websites to you in the near future

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Samsung’s Project Neon gives us a look at the world’s first ‘artificial human’

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US govt website attacked by a group of Iranian hackers

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Huawei upcoming smartphone is going to be an iPhone 11 lookalike

Hamza Zakir • November 25, 2019

Tesla reveals futuristic Cybertruck, and Musk’s net worth goes DOWN

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WhatsApp hit by a security vulnerability that is triggered by an MP4 file

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