Elon Musk demonstrates usage of Kid Size Submarine that could help save Thai children

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Elon Musk has posted videos of a kid-sized submarine which will be used to save the Thai children soccer team stuck in a cave. The team, consisting of 12 children along with their coach entered the cave on 23rd June. The cave is a popular tourist destination. After they entered the cave, however, the cave got flooded with water due to high amounts of rain. The flooding caused the team to move further into the cave in an effort to find dry land.

Elon Musk has tweeted videos of the kid-sized submarine in action. The submarine has a diameter of roughly 12 inches. Going into details, the submarine is actually a “liquid oxygen transfer tube” taken from a Space X Falcon rocket. The submarine has been designed in a manner which enables it to carry a person inside it (with their arms crossed). The body of the submarine, courtesy of its size, is light enough for it to be navigated through complex turns which are present in the cave. The submarine’s navigation is the responsibility of a team of two divers.

The soccer team was left with no alternative other than to wait after the cave got flooded as the only option was to swim to the mouth of the cave which is situated a few kilometers away from where they are. This presented a serious threat as swimming for prolonged periods without proper gear (such as an oxygen kit) is bound to deprive the person of a consistent supply of oxygen required to keep the body going. The threat was materialized and recognized by many after a Thai ex-Navy SEAL personnel died while trying to rescue the team.

Musk’s initiative has been lauded by individuals around the world who have appreciated the tech industry’s innovator’s efforts to rescue the stranded boys. People have called out CEOs of other companies to take similar initiatives and to start welfare projects in general. It’s safe to say that when the submarine actually rescues the boys, Elon Musk will receive further appreciation from people around the world.

He’s currently in contact with several cave experts in Thailand who are helping him understand the dynamics of the said environment. We hope the team is rescued as soon as possible and on the same note, would like to take a moment to appreciate what he’s doing. Good work, Elon.

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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