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China’s leading dairy company to introduce embryo breeding technology in Pakistan

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“Pakistan is rich in buffalo breeds, buffalo research, and buffalo milk manufacturing. To leverage its advantages and enhance Pakistan-China cooperation in this field, we hope to set up a dairy processing plant in Pakistan,” said Chen Yiyi, the head of Royal Group – a major Chinese dairy company.

The announcement of cooperation from the Chinese company comes as Pakistan already has plans to deploy the Chinese buffalo embryo breeding technology to enhance its buffalo breeding and hence export of the livestock. China and Pakistan are already collaborating on multiple other fronts as part of the economic cooperation under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

“If regulations permit, we are willing to share China’s experience and embryo technology,” Chen said. “In the foreseeable future, the rapid growth of animal husbandry will impose more pressure on dairy producers, so we must improve buffalo’s varieties through new technologies and work with Pakistani partners to promote the output of the entire animal husbandry industry.”

The latest development could be an indication of the efforts undertaken by the government to transform agriculture including the issuance of Kisan Cards.

Chen also expressed a willingness to invest in related industrial research in Pakistan as per the market demands.  “We are also willing to develop dairy products processing and industrial research in Pakistan to meet the demands of its domestic market and seek export to the Chinese and international markets. That will not only create foreign exchange reserve for Pakistan but also enhance the competitiveness of China and Pakistan in milk and meat production in Asia,” he added.

Source: Express Tribune

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