Facebook Releases ‘facebook lite’ Lighter Version App for Lower End Android Users

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  1 min read >

Facebook for Android has gotten bulkier with every update. As an owner of a phone with 512MB of RAM, I can testify to the app’s sluggish performance but sadly Facebook is something I do require. This problem has now been tackled with the stealthy launch of “Facebook Lite”, at the jaw dropping size of 252 Kb, this app is sure to help low end Android users get more out of their social networking needs without freezing their phones!

Facebook Lite is definitely something that anyone with a phone that is less than 10,000 PKR should own. This app is truly a magnificent piece of work and it seems that the Social networking giant was modest about the release since the app has only made a small splash in an install base.


This move from Facebook is probably in tune with Mark Zuckerberg’s aim to deliver more apps to help educate and promote more smartphone users. Considering how Facebook is easily on 4/5 smartphone handsets but the less than desirable performance may have irked some people, I am sure that the new app will be sure to make amends and attract a new audience, presumably, the install base consisting of smartphone users with <1GB of RAM on their Android devices.

Currently, as of writing this post, the app is not available for download and the browser says it is incompatible with our devices. If you do manage to get it installed and running, leave a comment and let us know how it is!

You can download the app by going Here

UPDATE: Are you impatient like me and want the app on your phone right now? Download and install the APK. You will have to go to your “Settings” and allow “Unknown Sources” by ticking it to be able to install this app. The APK is indeed genuine and verified by yours truly, so don’t worry.

You can download the APK by going Here.